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Learning Magento: part 1. developers talks 0

Learning Magento. Part 1: Developers talks

With this post we open a series of articles on Magento development education. Today’s part appeared thanks to these wonderful guys – Magento developers and professionals, who agreed to share their experience with those who think about stepping onto this path or already making the first attempts. We asked the same several questions to the guys that know Magento better you can even imagine, so take a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable and enjoy.

Boost your store sales on holidays: full guide 0

Boost your store sales on holidays: full guide

Holiday season is a real challenge for merchants. While people choose presents for their dearest and nearest, search for the hottest deals sipping their day-off coffee, spend time anywhere but work, retailers sweat day and night. Eventually, improving online holiday sales consist of two parts. First of all, a lot of people are not ready to do shopping on holidays, because they’re resting from work and everyday routine. And that may influence your sales a lot – for example, this happens in summer. Secondly, the...

Smart Review Reminder for Magento 0

New Magento extension – Smart Review Reminder

105 Magento extensions are now available at Amasty store, and sorry we didn’t celebrate the round number properly, as we were busy with making a new Magento extension. Here’s our new comrade – Smart Review Reminder. Read on to know how reviews influence e-commerce sales and what this tool can do for your store.

New Magento Extension - Follow Up Email 0

New Magento extension: Follow Up Email

We don’t mind a Friday to introduce a new extension. Please meet a new guy from your Magento store team – Follow Up Email. It’s a rich-feature tool to boost sales from existing customers. There’s a well-known marketing truth that earning a new customer demands more time and effort than working with the present ones. Want to know more? Read on to find out how Follow Up Email can help your business.

25 best retail blog ideas 0

25 best retail blog ideas

Content is king thing sounds from everywhere. SEOs, marketers, PR and e-commerce specialists say: you need to produce quality content, as it influences everything, from search engine optimization to brand awareness, from social visibility to customer loyalty. Couldn’t agree more. But let’s face it: creating good content is not easy. It requires time and resources, and while I was researching for this post I’ve clearly seen that: even big brands and well-known retail stores not always take advantage of blogging, and even lower percentage of...

How to display bestselling products in Magento 2

How to display bestselling products in Magento + source code

We’ve noticed that many store owners ask questions about methods of displaying bestselling products on their Magento stores. Say, you need to show the most popular items on your Home page or Category View page. Unfortunately, there’s no such default feature in Magento, but you can easily do this yourself. Read on to see the instructions!

Spy on the best Magento websites and learn to find them 8

Spy on the best Magento websites and learn to find them

Spying on your competitors can be a source of inspiration and successful decisions. Although the majority of small retailers don’t have access to resources for building a magnificent Magento store like Nike’s one, we still can learn from big brands experience and borrow tiny tips and tricks. Today we are featuring some ideas from top Magento shops that can be implemented on your website. Want to get these hints and learn how to detect a Magento store? Read on and tell us what you think.


Meet the ShellShock – a new critical vulnerability in the server software

DISCLAIMER The software mentioned in the article is provided AS IS, and we do not take any responsibility for any issues or losses that can be caused by its usage. What ShellShock is about Some facts about the new vulnerability of the many distributions basic component were introduced last week. They are referred to the Bash command interpreter, which is undoubtedly the most popular command interpreter for the moment. Thousands of websites suffered from various kinds of attacks, from DoS to command and control deployment...

Meet Magento Belarus partners update 0

Meet Magento Belarus partners update

Meet Magento Belarus 2014 is on its way! Two weeks are left before the best Magento and e-commerce professionals from Eastern Europe will gather in one place. A while ago we introduced the event partners, but since that time the list has updated, and here are our hats off to the guys that decided to support the evolving Magento community. Plus, we highly recommend these companies if you need a trusted developer or decent products for your business needs.