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Meet the ShellShock – a new critical vulnerability in the server software

DISCLAIMER The software mentioned in the article is provided AS IS, and we do not take any responsibility for any issues or losses that can be caused by its usage. What ShellShock is about Some facts about the new vulnerability of the many distributions basic component were introduced last week. They are referred to the Bash command interpreter, which is undoubtedly the most popular command interpreter for the moment. Thousands of websites suffered from various kinds of attacks, from DoS to command and control deployment...

Meet Magento Belarus partners update 0

Meet Magento Belarus partners update

Meet Magento Belarus 2014 is on its way! Two weeks are left before the best Magento and e-commerce professionals from Eastern Europe will gather in one place. A while ago we introduced the event partners, but since that time the list has updated, and here are our hats off to the guys that decided to support the evolving Magento community. Plus, we highly recommend these companies if you need a trusted developer or decent products for your business needs.

Extensions updates September 0

Amasty extensions updates: September 2014

September is going to end soon, so it’s high time we quickly go through updates that were released for some Amasty extensions. Read on to know about the new features and fixes that has been implemented this month. Full Page Cache is the September champion: it was updated with some useful features, such as a setting to avoid creating many pages with the same URL but various GET parameters – now you can treat them as a single page. You may also want to have...

Top Magento experts to keep an eye on 2

Top 30 Magento experts to keep an eye on

Here’s a list of nearly 30 Magento influencers Amasty team collected for you. These are people that are well-known within the Magento community, they post pretty often and share valuable content. In other words, reading these awesome experts will ensure you get the most important information on Magento and e-commerce world. It’s not that others don’t deserve your attention, but here’s a step to start with.


Meet Magento Belarus 2014 Agenda and more

Only four weeks to wait for Meet Magento Belarus! And we’re almost ready to go – are you as excited as we are? Today we’re sharing some details about the event to help you get around and feel homy. Please read on to know more about the venue and the speakers.

Popular Magento themes performance speed test results 0

Popular Magento themes performance: speed test results

Amasty team loves testing things out, as in particular cases direct tests are the only way to find out what works best. Today we are going to share some results on Magento store performance with several popular themes and speak on how they influence your site’s speed. The idea of the tests and this article came to me when I studied the data from xdebug profiler trying to find the reason of a client’s website low performance. I stumbled upon a fact that was worth...

Meet Magento Poland 0

Meet Magento Poland 2014 – see you there!

Magento community has now over 3000 active members and growing. November 24th to 25th are the days Meet Magento Poland 2014 takes place, and Amasty team is excited about this event, after all, Poland is our close neighbour! Although the conference’s agenda is still underway (and we’re sure it will be impressive, as the 2012 and 2013 conferences’ agenda was full of nice presentations from e-commerce specialists and Magento developers), Meet Magento Poland has already attracted a great deal of sponsors and partners, including PayPal,...

9 studies to change your customer behavior understanding 4

9 studies to change your customer behavior understanding

No matter who you are, a small Ray-Ban shop owner or a Tesla cars dealer, you are involved into customer-seller relationship. It’s not about just sell and buy, it’s about building this relationship, making it better for both sides, and you’re the party that has access to tactics and tools to develop this connection. It’s natural that most of the online merchants don’t have time or desire to dig into the numbers. Being on the market for a certain period of time, they do what...

Amasty August Newsletter 0

Amasty Newsletter: August 2014

August proved to be a fruitful month for Amasty: we released 7 new extensions, updated 14 of the old ones and got four new partners. Willing to know the details? Read on to get more news from Amasty.

New Amasty Partners August 2014 0

Welcome Amasty new Partners! August 2014

Summer is over, and it’s time for a monthly update of our partnership news. A very warm welcome to new Amasty Partners – they joined our Partner Program in August. As always, we are happy these companies appeared on our official Partners list. Now, straight to the people we are going to build strong business relationship with.