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How to create a Magento 2 extension 2

How to create a Magento 2 extension

Yay, Magento 2 is officially out! Great news indeed. My name is Alex, and I’m a Magento developer at Amasty. For the last few months I’ve been busy building Magento 2 extensions, and today I wanted to share an instruction on building a simple Magento 2 module. What we’re going to build To demonstrate how to create a Magento 2 extension, we are going to build a HelloWorld module, which is going to have some basic functionality, covering as many development aspects as possible in...

Amasty Terms and Conditions about Magento 2 0

Amasty Terms and Conditions for Magento 2

Magento 2.0 is officially out! This is a significant step forward for the Magento community and e-commerce market. We send our heartiest congratulations to the Magento team and the community as well. Meanwhile, we’re sharing Amasty Terms and Conditions regarding Magento 2 extensions, effective immediately. Please review them carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions in comments.