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How to create Magento simple and configurable products programmatically 0

Creating Magento simple & configurable products programmatically

Basically, products are the cornerstone of any catalog and e-commerce shop. And Magento has great features for creating them from backend, but there are cases when we need to create products programmatically, or manually. For example, you may need it if you import products in a certain text format, or if you need to create plenty of products to test a shop’s performance, or you are suggesting an alternative product creation interface. How to create Magento simple products programmatically (manually) To create a product in...

Amasty sponsored an intellectual games youth cup 0

Amasty sponsored an intellectual games youth cup

This is the second time Amasty sponsors Baranki Cup – an intellectual games contest, organized for young boys and girls (follow the link to see the last year recap). The event took place on March 14-15 in Baranovichi, a city in Belarus. 35 teams of young mind game lovers from all over the country came to compete in several types of contests.

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Magento SEO tips: common mistakes to avoid

A good shop won’t possibly survive without SEO. If you’re doing Magento search engine optimization yourself, great that you learn and apply the knowledge on your store. But there are points which can be unobvious for those with humbler SEO experience.