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Amasty acquires MagPleasure 2

Amasty acquires MagPleasure

Some great news has arrived! Amasty team is happy to announce acquisition of MagPleasure, Magento extensions and themes provider. Please click Read More to see the details of the deal.

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The first Magento 2 extension from Amasty – Improved Sorting. Vote for the next one!

Hello Amasty blog readers! Today we announce an important point in our journey. In terms of Magento merchant beta program participation, we have released our very first extension for Magento 2. Amasty team is very enthusiastic about the opportunities that Magento 2 is going to bring to the e-commerce world, and we want to be on the front line of what is happening in the Magento community.

e-commerce training online. Coursers to become a better merchant 0

E-commerce training. Online courses to become a better merchant

As any entrepreneur, e-merchants wear many hats: apart from general business knowledge, they need understanding of online and product marketing, tech, accounting, client management, and more. A shop owner can use many sources for education: degrees in educational establishments, books and blogs, consulting, online and offline trainings, participating in online and offline communities.

4 Key Performance Indicators to Evaluate your Ecommerce Business 0

4 Key Performance Indicators to Evaluate your Ecommerce Business

If you run an online business, you need to continuously evaluate its performance to understand whether you are doing good. Speaking about ecommerce, with such a wide range of indicators Google Analytics provides, it is easy to get lost and let the most strategical metrics out of your sight. This post is to provide you with the ready-to-use steps how to calculate the core business KPIs with the help of Google Analytics data. Let me note, that for tightening together web traffic and financial goals,...

Magento Layered Navigation - best settings for SEO 2

Magento Layered Navigation: best settings for SEO

You ask – we deliver! Magento Improved Layered Navigation is the product thousands of Magento store owners have been using for more than 5 years. We’re very proud of it and encourage our customers to use this extension with maximum results. We’re focused on settings and the visual presentation of the module features in the description, but our customers often ask us about SEO strategy they should follow while configuring the extension. To help you use the extension to its most for SEO, I decided...