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A guide to cross-selling and upselling techniques 0

A guide to cross-selling & upselling techniques

The truth is: a decided customer is a rare phenomenon in the e-commerce world. In most cases, people are sure only about their needs, and slightly know about the way they can be satisfied. There is a fine line between making proper suggestions and trying to sell more at a rate when a customer doesn’t see it as an aggressive tactic.

Meet Magento Italy 2015 0

Meet Magento Italy 2015

Have you bought tickets for Meet Magento Italy? If yes, our congrats; visiting this event will be a wonderful investment of time and effort. Great speeches, great people, great community are waiting for you. What? You haven’t? We should fix this right away.

How to fix common Magento issues 0

How to fix common Magento issues

Good day to Amasty blog readers! Our support team consists of four managers now, and every day they answer hundreds of questions not only about Amasty extensions, but also on Magento itself. We collected some of the most frequent questions and answered them; we do hope that this small knowledge base will help people that have just started working with Magento.

Big Full Page Cache update: Cache Crawler added 0

Big Full Page Cache update: Cache Crawler added

Good day to everyone! Big news on our bestseller extension – Full Page Cache was updated to 1.3.0. We added a special feature that’s dedicated to making your store even faster: Cache Crawler is now available for FPC users.

Best e-commerce articles of 2014 0

Best e-commerce articles of 2014

In 2013, marketers came to a conclusion that 2014 will be the year of content. It was, and marketers were the first who started to create even more compelling, useful, and valuable content. Today we share our version of top 10 e-commerce articles published in 2014. Each article is accompanied by its topic, author name, and a brief description. We chose articles from various topics so you could expand your knowledge in various fields of e-commerce. Now, if you need some weekend reading, let’s proceed!