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Product.OptionsPrice error on Magento and how to fix it

Hello to Amasty clients and the Magento community! This is an important note I wanted to share with you both for explaining issues you might have been facing, and to prevent this issue in the future. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of similar support requests about this error, which influences both the Magento functionality and the Amasty extensions correct performance.

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Amasty extensions updates – December 2016

December updates have arrived! Read on to see what updates and improvements we’ve done this month to make your Magento extensions better. Definitely check some new features for  Magento 1 Gift Card, Admin Actions Log, Landing Pages, etc. As for Magento 2 extensions, we have also made a bunch of changes and new features for Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation,  Magento 2 Delivery Date, Magento 2 Efficient Order Export and many other tools. 

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Collection of 15 Finest Fashion and Style Magento Themes

Choosing a proper successfully working web template should be the primary goal for those who plan to empower their selling business with a professional software tested and being used by a number of large leading companies. Selecting the right theme for your online selling website is a keystone to prosperity and complete satisfaction from what you are doing. Take enough time to examine and understand multiple variants in greater depth. And the collection of 15 Finest Fashion Themes performed in the most flexible E-Commerce system...

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Top 10 best Christmas ads in 2016

  The Christmas is coming, and in Great Britain it means the start of the anniversary High Street brands traditional video ad competition, that has become as common as a Christmas tree, mince pieces or mistletoes. Over the last years usual promotional ads have turned to the highly expensive short movies and became a seasonal piece of art. Global and local brands promote Christmas spirit and cocker people with marvelous magical stories. On this race of creativity and crazy spendings, companies stand on head to...

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Green packaging 101: how to make your e-commerce business eco friendly

  “Information about the package is as important as the package itself”. Frederick W. Smith   We all live in a consumer society and make purchases on a daily basis. Every hour we bring home tons of accurately packaged products from supermarkets or receive them via delivery services. Starting from ginger snaps and ending with slipper-socks, almost all goods we buy are supplied in some form of packaging, that not only keeps the contents in a good condition but defines brands and provides necessary product...

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8 Perfect Magento 2 Themes With Unlimited Possibilities

This short article features 8 mind-blowing Magento 2 themes that will give your online business really unlimited possibilities. Why should you choose Magento? Magento is an open source platform for eCommerce businesses. This gives you the possibility to experience all of its basic functionality for free with the Community Edition of Magento. This option is perfect for small and medium stores. Magento Enterprise Edition is perfect for large stores, with over 10,000 SKUs in their inventory and starts at over 10 thousand dollars per store....

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Your Christmas gift from Amasty!

Good day to all Amasty friends! Here’s our Christmas present: 25% off on all Amasty extensions. To get the discount, go to Amasty store, add the needed Magento extensions and services with the fixed price to the cart, and apply the following coupon: The offer is valid till December 23.

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Magento 2.2 release: what Amasty expects

Hello, Amasty blog readers! Magento 2 has just celebrated its first birthday. From its very beginning, we at Amasty started developing Magento 2 extensions, and now we have 57 tools available at our store. That’s almost five products a month on average! We don’t know if Magento will continue releasing 2.1.X versions or will jump to Magento 2.2 version soon – but looks like after the New Year we have a chance to see a new version. It’s not a surprise that for now Magento...