5 Tips for Your Magento Store to Earn More on St. Valentine’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 tips for your Magento store to earn more on St. Valentines Day

All people can be rightfully divided into 2 groups: those who hate St. Valentine’s Day and those who adore it. No matter to what group you adhere, anyway 14 February is a great day for you to increase your profits and for your customers to show their love by buying more. Our 5 tips will show you how to give E-commerce Cupid a helping hand in pushing up sales of your Magento store.

Provide same-day and emergency shipping

It is in human’s nature to postpone everything till the last moment and St. Valentine’s Day is not an exception. On February, 14 both online and offline shops are full of last minute buyers and you’d better meet this day armed at all points: provide your customers with same-day and emergency shipping to help them not to lose their face in front of wives and girlfriends. Another good idea is to increase the amount of delivery men in order to supply all those who need flowers, wine or chocolates on time. In order to exclude the possibility of delivery mistake install this Magento extension, which would help you to receive all the information necessary already at the checkout.

Wrap gifts and add a greeting card to an order

Wrapping goods for your customers wouldn’t cost you a lot, but it might be a final drop that would influence the buying decision. Trust us, pink gift-wrapping paper might earn you plenty of green ones. In case your budget is limited you can always charge a few extra dollars for that. Those who don’t think it’s a good idea can always switch to adding some greeting cards to an order. Don’t worry if you would have some extra left, there are still many St. Valentine’s Days to come. To offer gift wrapping for Magento, use the following Amasty tool.

Create bundles “For him” and “For her”

You can’t imagine how many shoppers browse online stores having no clue what to buy for their dearest and nearest. Help them by creating special bundles “For him” and “For her”. Off the record, such bundles are a good chance for you to get rid of some unpopular goods no one pays attention to. In order to make this tip work for you even better provide additional discount on the bundle. Pay special attention to your offer using Promo Banners extension that would serve good turn to your Magento store not only on find-somebody-to-love days.

Send an e-mail with special offers in advance

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, send your customers an e-mail with all your special St. Valentine’s offers. This would work well for both those who treat this holiday responsibly and those who suddenly recollect the necessity to buy gifts in the last moment. Don’t underestimate the power of e-mail marketing and let you clients feel the romantic fleur even before Day V comes.

Make Valentine goods easy to find in your store

Finally, one should admit that with every year customers become more and more lazy, so if you want them to buy anything from your Magento store, you’d better do all the work connected with finding the proper gift yourself. Sort the items in such way that the best gift ideas are in the top or at main page. Besides, do not forget to attach product labels shaped as hearts to your goods – this would make the products more noticeable and will let you decorate the store with almost no effort. To do this use Amasty Product Labels extension.

Let St. Valentine’s Day become the beginning of a long love story between you and your customers.

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