Amasty Gives Presents: Come to Meet Magento Russia 2013 and Get Your MacBook Air!

Before you pack your bags and rush to Meet Magento Russia 2013 we’d like to provide you with some prize draw details.

What do you need to do to become a happy MacBook Air owner? Actually, there is nothing difficult:

macbook-air 1.  Simply find a special questionnaire in the Amasty promo pack that  you’ll be given before the conference.

 2.  Fill in all the questionnaire fields.

 3.  Hand in your questionnaire to the Amasty girls before the conference starts or during the coffee breaks. You’ll easily recognize our representatives as they will be wearing special Amasty Support T-shirts.

 4. Wait for the last coffee break to take part in the prize draw. The winner will be selected randomly. As soon as you hear your name immediately come up to our representatives and grab your MacBook Air!

But don’t worry if this time you won’t get the top prize. Amasty has prepared something special for all the conference participants and guests. To find out what it is, just come to Moscow on August 24th and get ready to be amazed.

See you at the conference!

Alena Dalidovich

Alena Dalidovich

Alena has real power over letters: they obey her and get into good texts. Alena describes her favorite feeling as a mixture of several things: bicycle, speed, wind and… people scattering in different directions :) Also Alena likes cats and books about marketing. She enjoys the process of learning something new all the time.

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