Come Meet Amasty at Meet Magento Poland! [VIDEO]

Meet Magento PolandAutumn is not just about winds and rains. Autumn is a great time to continue meeting new interesting people and actively exchange your knowledge, especially when Magento community gives you the chance.

Amasty at Meet Magento Poland

Amasty can’t resist taking part in another Magento Community meeting. And we are glad to inform you that we are a bronze sponsor of the Meet Magento conference that is taking place on November 4-5 in Warsaw, Poland! As usual, we are looking forward to meet all Magento professionals and community members to share our experience and make new friends. Last Meet Magento Russia and Developers Paradise were so addictive in getting useful information and having fun together with like-minded people, that we decided to participate in one more event this year.

Also you have the unique chance to listen to an exciting report by Amasty representative Alex Stelmakh. He is going to open a lot of secrets that will definitely help you make the Magneto world even better. Still have doubts to come or not? Let’s rock this autumn together!

Follow our updates to find out more details!

Alena Dalidovich

Alena Dalidovich

Alena has real power over letters: they obey her and get into good texts. Alena describes her favorite feeling as a mixture of several things: bicycle, speed, wind and… people scattering in different directions :) Also Alena likes cats and books about marketing. She enjoys the process of learning something new all the time.

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