Amasty report at Magento Camp in Strasbourg


We are happy to be invited to Mage Camp in Strasbourg , which will take place on October 8.

What is Magento Camp about? It is the first major Magento event in Alsace, the purpose of which is to bring French Magento community together, discuss

new ways of improving performance of Magento stores. The event consists of 6 presentations from Magento professionals and will be useful both for technical specialists and merchants. Discussions, debates and a lot of networking is included.


Val, Amasty CEO and co-founder, will represent the company at the event and give a speech about the ways to improve sales at your store.



We are happy to see the growth of Magento community in different regions of the world and are glad to be a part of it. Hope to see you at Mage camp in Strasbourg on October, 8.

See the full program of the event here –

Alena Dalidovich

Alena Dalidovich

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