Amasty vs. Heights: Challenge Accepted!

Amasty life. Spring 2014

Being passionate sport fans we always find time for a breath of fresh air and a little adventure far away from the noisy city. It has already become a good tradition for Amasty team to get engaged in various sport activities. So, as soon as changeable spring weather brought us a couple of warm sunny days we immediately planned another trip.

Finally the X-day came, but with an unpleasant autumn-like surprise. However, neither cold wind, no heavy rain could stop Amasty super men and wonder women on their way to new adventures. After having tamed the power of rage waters, we decided to accept the challenge of dizzy heights. So, in the early morning we packed ourselves in a microbus and started out.

To tell the truth, not all of us managed to overcome the fear of heights preferring the role of spectators, but the overwhelming majority of intrepid adventurers dared to examine their balance, strength and coordination. Numerous rope-ladders, balance beams and other stuff hanging at the distance of 7 meters above the ground looked terrifying, but our super hero team cracked this assault course like a nut.

Luckily, no Amasty team member was harmed and after having finished the trial, tired, but happy, we willingly plunged into the world of table-top games.

And of, course Amasty guys couldn’t miss the chance to play football even under the pouring rain. As you may have already noticed, there is nothing that could prevent us from achieving our goals.  The game on a slippery playground was more than spectacular and funny.

The spring time has become a very productive period for our company having enriched our store with new modules and our team with new faces. The summer season has just begun and we hope it will bring us tons of bright ideas, quality products, and of course exciting trips, which we promise to cover in our blog.

Alena Dalidovich

Alena Dalidovich

Alena has real power over letters: they obey her and get into good texts. Alena describes her favorite feeling as a mixture of several things: bicycle, speed, wind and… people scattering in different directions :) Also Alena likes cats and books about marketing. She enjoys the process of learning something new all the time.

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