Protect E-store from Frauds and Make Your Team Work

Admin Actions LogInternet shopping security is one of the most burning issues for millions of customers all over the world. And today you’ll easily find tons of websites offering useful tips how to effectively shop online. But why doesn’t anyone try to look at shopping process with the eyes of online merchants? What problems do they risk to face and how to prevent them? How to keep an eye on all Magento log actions performed in their store and how to manage the shop staff effectively?

Amasty understands shop owners’ needs and always provides Magento community with the best solutions.  Today we’d like to share one of them with you and take a closer look at our new Admin Actions Log module. It offers an extended set of specially developed Magento log in features that will solve numerous problems coupled with tracking the actions of your shop staff. The module will also become a real Alladin’s lamp for those who want to protect their Magento admin panel shop from malicious login attempts. Thus, it kills two birds with one stone.

Here you can see the most common problems that prevent online merchants from effective management:

ProblemActions Log Solution
ProcrastinationSee how often your admins log in and what activities they perform. This will help to avoid wasting precious working hours and optimize working schedule.
Tasks overlappingMake sure all your admins perform different activities but not spend their time on fulfilling one and the same task.
Wrong distribution of activitiesDistribute the activities among your admins evenly.
Lack of motivationReward your managers according to the results of their performance, thus increasing your team motivation.
Poor backend protectionProtect your store backend from illegal login attempts by enabling the automatic login lockout.

And now let’s dig a little deeper and see the way Actions Log benefits your online store:

Admin Actions Log: Extension Settings
Admin Actions Log: List of Login Attempts
Admin Actions Log: Audit Log
Admin Actions Log: Edit Details
Admin Actions Log: Details Page

Therefore, with the Admin Actions Log extension you can dramatically enhance your store management experience as well as protect your Magento backend from unwanted login attempts just in few simple steps. So why not start distributing your team’s working hours and efforts in the most productive way right now?

Alena Dalidovich

Alena Dalidovich

Alena has real power over letters: they obey her and get into good texts. Alena describes her favorite feeling as a mixture of several things: bicycle, speed, wind and… people scattering in different directions :) Also Alena likes cats and books about marketing. She enjoys the process of learning something new all the time.

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  1. Danny says:

    Seems to be a great thing for huge online stores with a big admins team. Now no one will have to work (really work!) but not just sit with thoughtful faces in front of a screen :) I think it is much more effective than simple task manager.

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