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E-commerce and marketing analysis: this is the place where we collect data and make important conclusions based on it, learn from big brands and figure out best practices.

Magento 1 and Magento 2 performance comparison on PHP 5 and PHP 7 - by Amasty 15

Magento 1 & Magento 2 speed comparison on PHP 5.6.27, PHP 7.0.13, and PHP 7.1.0

PHP 7.1.0 WAS RELEASED A COUPLE OF WEEKS BEFORE. ALL THE VERSIONS OF PHP LOWER THAN 5.6.X WERE ANNOUNCED AS OUTDATED AND ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPERS. SOME DISTRIBUTION VENDORS STILL SUPPORT SECURITY UPDATES IN TERMS OF LONG TERM SUPPORT, BUT YOU’LL NEVER GET THE NEW FEATURES WITH THEM. Hello, Amasty blog readers! We’ve been posting Magento performance tests for quite a while. For the last couple of months, our readers were asking us to test Magento 1 and 2 performance with the new...

A guide to cross-selling and upselling techniques 5

A guide to cross-selling & upselling techniques

The truth is: a decided customer is a rare phenomenon in the e-commerce world. In most cases, people are sure only about their needs, and slightly know about the way they can be satisfied. There is a fine line between making proper suggestions and trying to sell more at a rate when a customer doesn’t see it as an aggressive tactic.

headermagento-1-vs-magento-2-performance-comparison-speed-test-results-1 35

Magento 1 vs Magento 2 performance comparison: speed test results

  One of the most important buzz features of Magento 2 is the built-in full page cache. What is more, Magento 2 FPC supports Varnish as backend. While Magento 2 is declared to be a much faster platform in comparison with the first version, we decided to check Magento 1 and 2 performance with various cache settings to see which combination gives the best results.

Master Magento A/B testing: how to split test product pages in Magento 6

Master Magento A/B testing: how to split test product pages

A/B testing, or split testing is a fundamental method to achieve business goals through improving conversion and other online marketing KPIs and parameters. For e-commerce, the main page you would want to test is the product page. How to perform an A/B test on a Magento product page? Read on and follow a step-by-step guide. Things you should know before starting your Magento A/B test Note: there are many kinds of testing software available. But writing this I assume you’re using Google Analytics experiments feature....

How big brands send abandoned cart emails 2

How big brands send abandoned cart emails [Case study]

When it comes to abandoned cart emails, you have two main pillars to rest on: abandoned cart email studies and learning from big brands. Today I want to share details of a small email marketing case; everybody writes on how we should actually send emails, but I wondered how big brands were using abandoned cart emails at the moment. If you’re interested in the results, please proceed to the article.

header-coupon-marketing-facts-and-usage-statistics-1 3

Coupon marketing: facts and usage statistics

Did you know that the very first paper coupon was released by Coca-Cola in 1888? That’s how it looked like: "19th century Coca-Cola coupon" by Coca-Cola – Scanned by uploader from Wired (Nov 2010), Vol. 18, No. 11, p. 104.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. By 1913, the company had redeemed 8.5 million tickets. The coupon marketing era has started. Where are we now? In this article I’m going to collect those coupon industry statistics and trends that can be of use for...

Spy on the best Magento websites and learn to find them 22

Spy on the best Magento websites and learn to find them

Spying on your competitors can be a source of inspiration and successful decisions. Although the majority of small retailers don’t have access to resources for building a magnificent Magento store like Nike’s one, we still can learn from big brands experience and borrow tiny tips and tricks. Today we are featuring some ideas from the best Magento websites that can be implemented on your store. Want to get these hints and learn how to detect a Magento store? Read on and tell us what you...

9 studies to change your customer behavior understanding 7

9 studies to change your customer behavior understanding

No matter who you are, a small Ray-Ban shop owner or a Tesla cars dealer, you are involved into customer-seller relationship. It’s not about just sell and buy, it’s about building this relationship, making it better for both sides, and you’re the party that has access to tactics and tools to develop this connection. It’s natural that most of the online merchants don’t have time or desire to dig into the numbers. Being on the market for a certain period of time, they do what...

Future of eCommerce: interview with Advanced Logic 0

Future of eCommerce: interview with Advanced Logic

Amasty starts a series of interviews about trends, best practices and future of eCommerce. As experts for this topic the sponsors of Meet Magento Belarus 2014 were chosen – those, who care most about the spread and development of eCommerce in general and Magento in particular. We start this series with our old friends and Partners as well as great professionals – Advanced Logic. We have talked with the Head of the Company Davide Consonni to learn what he thinks about the future of eCommerce.