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A collection of Amasty e-books about Magento and e-commerce.

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Best online marketing books to read today [2016]

2016 has plenty of great books – science fiction, biography, non-fiction and, of course, there are some jewels in the crown in business literature. Amasty team has chosen the most appealing and catchy editions, published this year. Read the books you are curious about and soak up the knowledge! We’ll be very pleased if the listed literature pieces  come in useful for your work and inspire you to new marketing heights.

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Magento DIY book. The Complete Guide by Firebear

“Magento DIY. The Complete Guide” is a book by Viktor Khliupko and the Firebear team about Magento Community Edition. There are a lot of publications related to the most popular ecommerce platform, but this one is unique, since it explains how to pimp an open source ecommerce solution and turn it into an Enterprise-level online store.

Get Amasty new e-book about customer service for FREE! [E-BOOK] 0

Get Amasty new e-book about customer service for FREE! [E-BOOK]

Feel that you customer service is lagging behind and you are not using your marketing capabilities to the fullest? Take Amasty NEW e-book for FREE and enjoy handy tips and profound statistics research. Amasty Infographics about the traps of customer service was such a great success, that we decided to issue an extended e-book with even more tips, data and authoritative sources. See main marketing myths that prevent companies from profound growth debunked and take the advantage of the pieces of advice given by professionals....

Welcome Our New E-book about E-commerce Trends 2014! 0

Welcome Our New E-book about E-commerce Trends 2014!

We can’t wait to share with you our freshly baked e-book devoted to E-commerce trends for 2014. Amasty Team offers you a breath-taking trip round the most interesting planets of the E-commerce universe. Some of them exist since the beginning of the world and others are supernova stars that impress all space tourists with their size and shining. Welcome on board, fasten your seatbelts and check our new FREE e-book!