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How to speed up Magento search using Amasty extensions 0

How to speed up Magento search using Amasty extensions

Hello to Amasty blog readers! We have been posting quite a number of articles on Magento 1 and 2 speed and performance. Today we’re showing some info on speeding up Magento search – an important part of overall site speed improvement, which is often neglected by merchants. In this test, we wanted to highlight how two Amasty extensions combined show significant difference when it comes to search speed.

product-optionsprice-error-magento-1-9-3-1-1 0

Product.OptionsPrice error on Magento and how to fix it

Hello to Amasty clients and the Magento community! This is an important note I wanted to share with you both for explaining issues you might have been facing, and to prevent this issue in the future. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of similar support requests about this error, which influences both the Magento functionality and the Amasty extensions correct performance.

Green packaging in e-commerce 0

Green packaging 101: how to make your e-commerce business eco friendly

  “Information about the package is as important as the package itself”. Frederick W. Smith   We all live in a consumer society and make purchases on a daily basis. Every hour we bring home tons of accurately packaged products from supermarkets or receive them via delivery services. Starting from ginger snaps and ending with slipper-socks, almost all goods we buy are supplied in some form of packaging, that not only keeps the contents in a good condition but defines brands and provides necessary product...

How to create a Magento 2 extension 93

How to create a Magento 2 extension

Yay, Magento 2 is officially out! Great news indeed. My name is Alex, and I’m a Magento developer at Amasty. For the last few months I’ve been busy building Magento 2 extensions, and today I wanted to share an instruction on building a simple Magento 2 module. What we’re going to build To demonstrate how to create a Magento 2 extension, we are going to build a HelloWorld module, which is going to have some basic functionality, covering as many development aspects as possible in...

How to configure Magento cron 24

How to configure Magento cron job

Cron job is an important component for correct Magento performance. It is widely used for running actions that are performed on schedule, such as indexing and caching, email dispatches, sitemap generation, currency rates updates, and many more actions as well. Today we would like to explain how to configure Magento cron job correctly. The configuration process can vary a bit depending on your site’s control panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc).

How to display bestselling products in Magento 73

How to display bestselling products in Magento + source code

We’ve noticed that many store owners ask questions about methods of displaying bestselling products on their Magento stores. Say, you need to show the most popular items on your Home page or Category View page. Unfortunately, there’s no such default feature in Magento, but you can easily do this yourself. Read on to see the instructions!

How to install Magento 2 with PHP7 on localhost 16

How to install Magento 2 with PHP7 on localhost

Magento 2 is the new version of Magento framework which has many changes and advantages as compared to previous versions like site maintenance, easy to handle dashboard, obviously fast performance etc. The main and important aspects are the enhanced Admin Panel, separate tables for order processing, better image compression by default, static content caching etc. PHP7 is an improved version of PHP Scripting Language which is ready for development and production environment. It has 2x faster performance and more than 50% lower memory consumption than...

How to add product parts finder blocks to pages 1

How to add Product Parts Finder blocks to pages

Hello to Amasty blog readers! Today I’m sharing a tutorial for users of Amasty Product Parts Finder extension. Product Parts Finder is a very powerful tool that lets people find spare parts and components by certain parameters. In the user guide, we described options of adding the Product Parts Finder block on certain pages via the admin panel. But often this method is not enough for merchants, so I described ways of adding Product Parts Finder block on various pages of your Magento store.