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Collection of 15 Finest Fashion and Style Magento Themes

Choosing a proper successfully working web template should be the primary goal for those who plan to empower their selling business with a professional software tested and being used by a number of large leading companies. Selecting the right theme for your online selling website is a keystone to prosperity and complete satisfaction from what you are doing. Take enough time to examine and understand multiple variants in greater depth. And the collection of 15 Finest Fashion Themes performed in the most flexible E-Commerce system...

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Top 10 best Christmas ads in 2016

  The Christmas is coming, and in Great Britain it means the start of the anniversary High Street brands traditional video ad competition, that has become as common as a Christmas tree, mince pieces or mistletoes. Over the last years usual promotional ads have turned to the highly expensive short movies and became a seasonal piece of art. Global and local brands promote Christmas spirit and cocker people with marvelous magical stories. On this race of creativity and crazy spendings, companies stand on head to...

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Top 30 trending products to sell in 2016

Whether you are planning to start a new e-commerce business or seeking for ideas of what to sell this year, this list would be helpful for you. I found that most of the lists contain the same and repeating items such as selfie sticks, matcha tea and EOS lip balm, so I’ve collected a bigger list of various trending items, supported with Google Trends data.

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Magento 2 wallpapers pack from Amasty

Some time ago we published a collection of Magento wallpapers, but Magento 2 is becoming more and more popular, so we decided to create another wallpaper pack specifically for Magento 2.

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Magento wallpapers pack from Amasty

Hey there, Amasty blog readers! Apart from creating Magento extensions, our team enjoys having fun. Today we wanted to share something we created in our free time – several Magento wallpapers. Feel free to download and use them on your desktops!

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How to combine Amasty shipping extensions for advanced tasks

We at Amasty are working hard making our extensions as feature-rich as possible. We collect feedback and brainstorm on new settings which help you to boost your Magento store. But sometimes you can also get immense results by combining several extensions. Today I’m going to show you how you can complete more tasks by combining Shipping extensions from Amasty.

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E-commerce trends of 2015 you should consider for your shop

We have already spoken about e-commerce design trends before. Browsing through hundreds and hundreds of shops both for work and for myself, I have noticed some definite trends for some of the features. And today I’m going to show you what successful shops are using to provide their customers with even more features.