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Magento 2 Color Swatches Pro – free Amasty extension

Please meet the new Magento 2 extension – Color Swatches Pro from Amasty. Flexible Magento 2 functionality now includes a possibility to use color swatches. Amasty has significantly improved the functionality with features, that helps customers be more engaged. When it comes to selecting options, customers want it handy and visual. An enhanced interface offered by the new extension will bring their shopping experience to a higher level. MAIN MAGENTO 2 COLOR SWATCHES PRO FEATURES: – Use custom evident swatches instead of dropdowns and radio buttons....

How to create a Magento 2 extension 77

How to create a Magento 2 extension

Yay, Magento 2 is officially out! Great news indeed. My name is Alex, and I’m a Magento developer at Amasty. For the last few months I’ve been busy building Magento 2 extensions, and today I wanted to share an instruction on building a simple Magento 2 module. What we’re going to build To demonstrate how to create a Magento 2 extension, we are going to build a HelloWorld module, which is going to have some basic functionality, covering as many development aspects as possible in...

Creating Magento 2 orders programmatically 7

Creating Magento 2 orders programmatically

If you are a Magento 2 developer, some day and not even once you’ll need to create a certain amount of Magento 2 orders, and preferably programmatically, as manual creating of a bigger number of orders can be time consuming and simply inconvenient. I created this Magento 2 order generator for the needs of Amasty team and decided to share it with you. I made this generator because we needed a faster creation of orders tool for testing and debugging purposes. For example, I personally...

How to configure Magento cron 14

How to configure Magento cron job

Cron job is an important component for correct Magento performance. It is widely used for running actions that are performed on schedule, such as indexing and caching, email dispatches, sitemap generation, currency rates updates, and many more actions as well. Today we would like to explain how to configure Magento cron job correctly. The configuration process can vary a bit depending on your site’s control panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc).

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How to install Magento 2 with PHP7 on localhost

Magento 2 is the new version of Magento framework which has many changes and advantages as compared to previous versions like site maintenance, easy to handle dashboard, obviously fast performance etc. The main and important aspects are the enhanced Admin Panel, separate tables for order processing, better image compression by default, static content caching etc. PHP7 is an improved version of PHP Scripting Language which is ready for development and production environment. It has 2x faster performance and more than 50% lower memory consumption than...

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10 Best Free Magento Themes for 2016

Magento has long become one of the most preferred platforms for building products-heavy web stores. More than 200,000 online retailers enjoy its features. The collections of ready-made Magento themes and extensions are vast, so sometimes it takes hours to days to pick the best one for your web project.