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Learning Magento: part 2. Educational resources and FAQ 4

Learning Magento. Part 2: educational resources and FAQ

This is the second part of Learning Magento series. If you have missed our first part, feel free to go and check it: it’s a collection of interviews of experienced Magento developers. Today we will be talking on resources to study Magento. In other words, this article will be of use for those who want to become a Magento developer: we collected links, tutorials, books and frequently asked questions about Magento that’ll guide you through early stages of learning Magento development.

Another 2 Amasty Developers Have Passed Magento Certification [INTERVIEW] 0

Another 2 Amasty Developers Have Passed Magento Certification [INTERVIEW]

Great news, everyone! Another 2 members of Amasty Team have passed Magento Certification and claimed their profound knowledge of Magento platform. With Ruslan and Alexey now Amasty Team has 4 certified developers, so now you can be double sure in the highest quality of our extensions. We asked our new Magento superstars to share with us a few secrets on how to pass Magento certification successfully.

Magento Certification: Checkout. Shopping Cart. 4

Magento Certification: Checkout. Shopping Cart.

Magento Certification is an important issue for any developer connected with Magento. It is not merely a sign of high-level proficiency, but also a mark of profound knowledge and devotion to this sphere. This article opens Magento certification tips and tricks series aimed to prepare its readers for passing the exam.