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An Extensive Guide on Magento Duplicate Content 75

An Extensive Guide on Magento Duplicate Content

Nothing is created equal, they say. They are wrong. And if you own an online shop, you are the one who knows that perfectly well as many pages on your site are literary equal, aren’t they? Our extensive guide will help you to solve the problem of Magento duplicate content and never allow it again.

E-commerce trends of 2015 0

E-commerce trends of 2015 you should consider for your shop

We have already spoken about e-commerce design trends before. Browsing through hundreds and hundreds of shops both for work and for myself, I have noticed some definite trends for some of the features. And today I’m going to show you what successful shops are using to provide their customers with even more features.

Master Magento A/B testing: how to split test product pages in Magento 6

Master Magento A/B testing: how to split test product pages

A/B testing, or split testing is a fundamental method to achieve business goals through improving conversion and other online marketing KPIs and parameters. For e-commerce, the main page you would want to test is the product page. How to perform an A/B test on a Magento product page? Read on and follow a step-by-step guide. Things you should know before starting your Magento A/B test Note: there are many kinds of testing software available. But writing this I assume you’re using Google Analytics experiments feature....

A hassle-free guide to rich pins and Twitter cards 2

Twitter Product Cards and Product Pins: a hassle-free guide

Twitter and Pinterest offers great opportunities for businesses, and today we will look at two features, marketers and small business owners can put to good use. We created for you a full guide to the Rich Pins and Twitter Cards and tried to concentrate on the most useful options for e-commerce – Product Pins and Twitter Products Cards.

How to provide gift wrapping in e-commerce 0

How to provide gift wrapping in e-commerce

According to 2014 MICROS Multi-channel Retail Delivery Report, out of the 240 retailers tested, 36 offered at least one gift wrapping option. Of these, many offered gift wrapping for free. That’s only 15%. Sure, this number can’t be 100% just because gift wrapping isn’t required for all fields of e-commerce; shops selling spare car parts or pet food can definitely ignore this kind of service. Today we are going to have a quick look on how best variants of gift wrapping work in e-commerce and...

How big brands send abandoned cart emails 2

How big brands send abandoned cart emails [Case study]

When it comes to abandoned cart emails, you have two main pillars to rest on: abandoned cart email studies and learning from big brands. Today I want to share details of a small email marketing case; everybody writes on how we should actually send emails, but I wondered how big brands were using abandoned cart emails at the moment. If you’re interested in the results, please proceed to the article.