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Magento 2.2 release: what Amasty expects

Hello, Amasty blog readers! Magento 2 has just celebrated its first birthday. From its very beginning, we at Amasty started developing Magento 2 extensions, and now we have 57 tools available at our store. That’s almost five products a month on average! We don’t know if Magento will continue releasing 2.1.X versions or will jump to Magento 2.2 version soon – but looks like after the New Year we have a chance to see a new version. It’s not a surprise that for now Magento...

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All you need to know about Facebook Marketplace in 2016

Facebook launched Marketplace – a platform for peer-to-peer sales, that now is available on Android and iPhone mobile apps for 18+ citizens of UK, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The new feature has been already named as a geo-located Craigslist. The platform is only peer-to-peer now, but the things could change anytime if Facebook offered some business options.   “Platforms are the offices/factories of the future”. Ernesto Spruyt,   Facebook launched his own marketplace, and you’ve probably heard about this piece of news. The...

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Guido Jansen talks about Meet Magento World

It’s very exciting to see how the Magento community is evolving. The geography of Meet Magento events covers more than 20 countries, and growing. This year, we all can be attendees of a new type of a Meet Magento event – Meet Magento World. We talked to Guido Jansen about the details of this great event.

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[Meet the team] Amasty system administrator interview. Did you see the new services from Amasty?

Hello, Amasty blog readers! This week we’re announcing the new services from Amasty. From now on our team will be glad to help you with everything about Magento administration: migration services, help with server configuration and optimization, and installation of security patches for your Magento store to keep it safe and sound. We’ll talk about each of the service in detail a bit later, but today is a good cause to present Andrey Tataranovich, the Head of Administration Department at Amasty. Andrey is a highly...

Moving to Magento 2: FAQ for merchants from Amasty CTO 3

Moving to Magento 2: FAQ for merchants from Amasty CTO

Magento 2 general availability release is out. The community is awake and boiling up, and the merchants are wondering: should they consider switching to Magento 2? If yes, when should they move to the new platform? We’ve collected the most popular questions on these topics and asked Andrei Vashkevich, Amasty CTO and co-founder, to answer them. Andrei is an experienced Magento Certified and Zend Certified developer, he is also taking care of all Magento 2 Amasty extensions development process.

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Ben Marks, Magento evangelist: ‘No matter what happened, Magento always rose to the top’

Hello there, Amasty blog readers! Today we want to share a nice talk with one of the guys who are the driving force of the Magento community. Please welcome: Ben Marks, Magento evangelist, an experienced Magento developer and teacher, a visitor of almost all Magento events all over the world and a man who’s excited about Magento.

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Magento evangelist Guido Jansen on community values: ‘Magento is not about technology only’

That’s what Guido tells about himself: “I am a Cognitive Psychologist, Data Driven Customer Experience Engineer and a Digital Native. I love testing hypotheses about human behavior in online environments and building communities.” Also, Guido is a Dutch Community Manager for Magento, and we’re happy that he will come and speak at Meet Magento Belarus on Sep 21st. We asked him several questions about his work and the Magento community.

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PHP 7 and script languages future: insights from lead developer

Magento version was released on Jul 7, 2015. As you know, Magento is based on PHP and Zend Framework, and there’ll be a new PHP release soon. What can developers expect from the new language version? The interview was originally published on by Igor Savchuk and was translated exclusively for Amasty blog. It answers this and many other questions about PHP evolution.

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Where is Magento 2 now? Let’s hear the experts’ opinion

Magento 2 is a buzzing topic in 2015 both for store owners and for developers. Magento 2 Merchant release is going to appear in the end of 2015, and merchants, clients and business owners started to ask us questions: should they switch to Magento 2 right away? Or should they wait and remain on Magento 1 (which will be supported for a significant period of time after Magento 2 Merchant release) as long as possible? How different is Magento 2 going to be, when it comes...