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An Extensive Guide on Magento Duplicate Content 75

An Extensive Guide on Magento Duplicate Content

Nothing is created equal, they say. They are wrong. And if you own an online shop, you are the one who knows that perfectly well as many pages on your site are literary equal, aren’t they? Our extensive guide will help you to solve the problem of Magento duplicate content and never allow it again.

How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento + bonus 30

How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento + bonus

Google treats users security quite seriously so it wasn’t surprisingly that in August 2014 Google announced HTTPs as a ranking factor. But still buzz was heard from here and there in the SEO community. Some people immediately switched to HTTPs, some preferred to take time and think over such a serious step. Anyway, there were people who claimed that HTTPs made their sites rank higher; those who saw drops in rankings after switch to HTTPs; and finally those who didn’t notice any changes with HTTPs.

Magento 2 SEO guide 21

Magento 2 SEO: a full overview of default settings

Search engine optimization is one of the key factors for any online store. While off-page SEO, that is citations and links pointing to your site, is important, you should never forget about on-page optimization. The latter is within your full control and thus can be implemented properly. Magento 1.X has certain flaws in terms of SEO, and many of them seem to have been considered while developing Magento 2. In this post I will try to cover all Magento 2 SEO settings which are available...

Magento Layered Navigation - best settings for SEO 14

Magento Layered Navigation: best settings for SEO

You ask – we deliver! Magento Improved Layered Navigation is the product thousands of Magento store owners have been using for more than 5 years. We’re very proud of it and encourage our customers to use this extension with maximum results. We’re focused on settings and the visual presentation of the module features in the description, but our customers often ask us about SEO strategy they should follow while configuring the extension. To help you use the extension to its most for SEO, I decided...

header-magento-seo-tips-common-mistakes-to-avoid-1 5

Magento SEO tips: common mistakes to avoid

A good shop won’t possibly survive without SEO. If you’re doing Magento search engine optimization yourself, great that you learn and apply the knowledge on your store. But there are points which can be unobvious for those with humbler SEO experience.

Boost your store sales on holidays: full guide 6

Boost your store sales on holidays: full guide

Holiday season is a real challenge for merchants. While people choose presents for their dearest and nearest, search for the hottest deals sipping their day-off coffee, spend time anywhere but work, retailers sweat day and night. Eventually, improving online holiday sales consist of two parts. First of all, a lot of people are not ready to do shopping on holidays, because they’re resting from work and everyday routine. And that may influence your sales a lot – for example, this happens in summer. Secondly, the...

New Magento Extension: Unique Product URL 0

New Magento Extension: Unique Product URL

How many times have you faced a situation when you need to add a certain product to a few categories of your Magento store? Of course, you can create a number of similar product pages for each category, but this would hamper your SEO results (check our guide on duplicate content to get the details). Amasty Team is ready to offer you an elegant solution that would solve the problem of duplicate content once and forever. Welcome our new Magento extension – Unique Product URL!

SEO Competitor Analysis: Part  2. The Anatomy of Keywords + [QUIZ] 4

SEO Competitor Analysis: Part 2. The Anatomy of Keywords

Keywords in SEO can be compared to small elves who thoroughly do their job on bringing your website to the top of search results. Having a look at what keywords (or elves if you prefer it this way) are working for your competitors can provide you with a great insight into how your market operates in relation to SEO. Check our second article from the series concerning SEO Competitor Analysis to learn how competitors can help you to make up an efficient keywords list.

SEO Competitor Analysis: Part 1. Pagerank and Domains 0

SEO Competitor Analysis: Part 1. Pagerank and Domains

Have you ever daydreamt of becoming James Bond or some other great spy? Don’t be sad if you are knocked back down to earth by usual office routine. SEO offers you a number of options to use all your best spy qualities by conducting SEO competitor analysis. Welcome to our virtual spy school where we will teach you how to spy on competitors and notice which of their SEO tactics work and leave them no chance to rival you.