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Magento 1 vs Magento 2 performance comparison: speed test results

  One of the most important buzz features of Magento 2 is the built-in full page cache. What is more, Magento 2 FPC supports Varnish as backend. While Magento 2 is declared to be a much faster platform in comparison with the first version, we decided to check Magento 1 and 2 performance with various cache settings to see which combination gives the best results.

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Little-known discount issue in Magento and how to fix it

Hello, my name is Pavel, and the most of my work with Magento is connected with discounts. Sounds like a confession! I can say I know a lot about them, but our sophisticated customers never let me rest and ask more and more questions about this topic. A couple of days ago I’ve encountered a problem with discounts in Magento, and today I wanted to explain this issue to you, also giving tips on fixing it fast.

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Use Magento Rules properly: common mistakes corrected

If you’re an experienced Magento user, go and do some weekend reading on BuzzFeed! Because this article is for Magento newbies. Setting Magento Shipping Rules, Promotions and various restrictions is an important part of managing a fully-functional Magento shop. That’s why our clients ask questions about Magento rules very often, and to help them use rules logic properly, we collected several mistakes that can be most often found in Amasty support queries. 1. ‘IS’ in condition with lists If you use conditions as in the...

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Freebie: Magento Modified Core Files Report by Amasty [Updated]

Hey Amasty blog readers! Today I wanted to share a tool that I created to help our developers in providing faster and better support for our customers. But after chatting with my colleagues I realized this tool can be of help for other developers and even store owners! Click read more to see what the tool is about and to download it for free.

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Little-known Amasty extensions features: Shipping Type in Shipping Table Rates

You asked – we deliver! We are extremely happy that our readers provide feedback, and it helps to create better and more useful content for you. Today we’re opening a new series of articles on little-known features of Amasty modules. We will mention features that are sometimes a bit more complicated or you have to understand how it works before you get a useful tweak for your Magento store.