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Top tools to ensure mobile-ready status of Magento e-stores 4

Top tools to ensure mobile-ready status of Magento e-stores

Nowadays, mobile responsiveness has become a key concern of every website maker. Irrespective of the domain you’re designing for, ensuring 100% mobile-ready status for your site is a necessity to hold the attention of targeted customers. If you’ve chosen Magento for powering your e-commerce website then this blog post will serve as a handy guide. Here, I’ve covered details about some finest tools/services that work as the right means for enriching your existing Magento e-store with mobile-friendly features.

Magento 2 installation guide 21

Magento 2 installation guide

A long-waited Dev Beta of Magento 2 (0.42.0-beta1) appeared on Magento repository today. Of course we couldn’t sit still and installed Magento 2 on our server. And described the installation process for you, including the issues we dealt with and how we fixed them.

header-magento-migration-move-your-shop-to-a-new-server-1 10

Magento migration: move your shop to a new server

As time moves on and your business grows, there may be a need to move your Magento store to another server. For example, you need an upgraded server, or you just don’t like the level of service of your hosting company. Whatever the reasons of Magento migration are, moving a functioning store is not the easiest task and you may face various challenges while performing it. This article describes this process in detail, and I really hope it’ll help you avoid some typical mistakes of...

Spy on the best Magento websites and learn to find them 22

Spy on the best Magento websites and learn to find them

Spying on your competitors can be a source of inspiration and successful decisions. Although the majority of small retailers don’t have access to resources for building a magnificent Magento store like Nike’s one, we still can learn from big brands experience and borrow tiny tips and tricks. Today we are featuring some ideas from the best Magento websites that can be implemented on your store. Want to get these hints and learn how to detect a Magento store? Read on and tell us what you...


Meet the ShellShock – a new critical vulnerability in the server software

DISCLAIMER The software mentioned in the article is provided AS IS, and we do not take any responsibility for any issues or losses that can be caused by its usage. What ShellShock is about Some facts about the new vulnerability of the many distributions basic component were introduced last week. They are referred to the Bash command interpreter, which is undoubtedly the most popular command interpreter for the moment. Thousands of websites suffered from various kinds of attacks, from DoS to command and control deployment...

Popular Magento themes performance speed test results 0

Popular Magento themes performance: speed test results

Amasty team loves testing things out, as in particular cases direct tests are the only way to find out what works best. Today we are going to share some results on Magento store performance with several popular themes and speak on how they influence your site’s speed. The idea of the tests and this article came to me when I studied the data from xdebug profiler trying to find the reason of a client’s website low performance. I stumbled upon a fact that was worth...

Tutorial: How to debug network problems 0

Tutorial: How to debug network problems

Sometimes Magento website uses connections to external resources, which are initiated from the server side. This might be caused by using fopen, curl, sockets, xmlrpc, etc. In any case unavailability or partial availability of external resources might lead to unexpected website behavior. For example if the licensing server is overloaded or unavailable, license check in extension might end up with an error. In the best case this would lead to execution delay, in the worst case (if the network errors are not handled correctly by...

Amasty research: Full Page Cache vs Varnish Cache 30

Amasty research: Full Page Cache vs Varnish Cache

After the release of Full Page Cache Magento extension many clients started asking us what makes our extension better than Varnish Cache and whether it is better at all. At first we didn’t consider conducting such research, but the amount of our clients interested in this issue encouraged us to knock these two together to learn which of them provides the best page load time. Get inside the review to know who has become the winner!

Please Update Module "Base" 0

Please Update Module “Base”

As some of you may know we provide module ‘Base’ with each extension, which informs you about extensions installed, updates, etc. Recently we found out that our improvements of it have a conflict with extensions of another Magento extensions provider. Please download the latest module version from your account at our site. More details on the conflict inside.