Developers’ horrors: happy Halloween!

Developers horrors - Happy Halloween!
Congrats to all Amasty customers, blog readers and friends! We do hope you’ll spend this wonderful day in cheer.

We know there are many Magento developers around, so today we’re sharing the top developers’ horrors guide. Want to know how to spook a developer? Click Read More right now!


‘We don’t do version control here.’



Please help me ASAP URGENT!

500 Internal Server Error


Client: I am a web developer.

When FTP connection breaks, and you did not backup the modified file.



Client: it works! But I wanted it to be somewhat different.



Client: I cleared the cache and the site went down. How can I prove it’s not me?


Client: no, it broke after YOUR update.


You came to the office on Monday and found out that customers couldn’t order the whole weekend.

You have a date with a girl at 7 PM. 6.45 PM: client informs you about a critical bug that needs to be fixed ASAP.


Client: I did everything according to the guide.


Client: Let’s just add another feature right now!


The Magento store has 1 billion orders.

You’ve run out of coffee.



The Magento project deadline is tomorrow.


Re: Magento shop corrections (152)


‘I don’t think we need backups, I was told Magento is a reliable platform.’


‘Excuse me, I think I know how to code a website – it’s just HTML’



There’s only one night when these horrors are allowed! Happy Halloween!

Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia is a devoted marketer with special love to blogging. She believes that content with several pinches of SEO and social can be a brilliant daily special. When she’s not working on Amasty updates and blog posts, Ksenia runs a blog on movies and books and helps animal shelters.

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