Magento FAQ and Product questions

Please meet the new Magento extension from Amasty – FAQ and Product Questions.

Let customers ask questions right on product pages to instantly receive any specific information they need. Create and manage your own product knowledge base to provide store visitors with the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Magento FAq and Product Questions features

This extension was designed to decrease product returns and improve customers service. If the customer feels that it’s not enough information on the product page, he or she can ask a question via email or live chat. To save your time, with this extension you can show the questions and answers right on the product page so everybody can see it right away.

Magento FAQ and Product Questions main features

  • Let customers ask questions on the product page or the FAQ page
  • Show the product questions on a separate tab of the product page
  • Create and edit the FAQ page for your Magento store

What is more, the extension is equipped with numerous advanced features to make the process of asking and answering questions more comfortable. Here are some of those features:

  • Quick search, topics and tags help in organizing the questions
  • Show related questions for customers
  • Short URLs are SEO friendly and sharable
  • Send notifications to the customers when their question is answered

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Reduce returns and improve customer service with Amasty FAQ and Product Questions: