We are happy to introduce you our new Magento 2 extension – Full Page Cache Warmer .

Solve the cache updating problem and speed up your Magento 2 store. Use a smart crawler tool to monitor page cache statuses and timely warm the cache when it’s necessary. 

Full Page Cache Warmer features


Magento 2 provides you with full page caching as a default. However, to timely cache all necessary pages you need a tool which automatically warms the cache and ensures fast pages load. Full Page Cache Warmer request pages with outdated cache during the night. Then it sorts site pages selecting the most popular first of all and then caches them. Therefore, when the time of the traffic spike comes, your website will be loaded much faster.


  • Automate cache warming process and speed up your cache updating.
  • Let the module select and warm important pages first.
  • Warm the cache of only the specific pages. 
  • Specify the time period for cache auto-updating after the changes.
  • Keep track of the crawling process with warmer log and performance reports.

Speed up your Magento 2 Store with Full Page Cache Warmer: