We are happy to present you our new Magento 1 extension – Merge and Disable Customers.

Make your administrators’ work easier by keeping customer order-related data in one place. Merge duplicated profiles together to store all the information in the main account. Clear out your Customer grid disabling unnecessary profiles without data losses. 


It’s not uncommon for users to create several accounts due to credentials loss or inattention. Thus, instead of having one profile for the client you have several duplicated more. This can cause confusion both for customer care and marketing specialists of your store. However, this extension has been developed to solve the problem.



  • Merge customers profiles together in a couple of clicks: tick the needed profiles on a customer grid, choose a corresponding action in the drop-down menu and select the main account;
  • Shift all the information from the duplicate profiles to the main account: orders/ order-related data; delivery addresses; reviews, ratings, wishlists;
  • Deactivate irrelevant profiles automatically to fend customers off from making purchases with it;
  • Disable any of profiles manually to take customer profiles over total control;
  • Show information about the main account in all the merged profiles to simplify your admin’s work;
  • Activate any of the disabled accounts if needed.

Merge customers’ accounts

without risks of data-loss: