Magento 2 Admin Bookmarks - new Amasty extension

Please meet the new Amasty extension for Magento 2 – Admin Bookmarks.

The module adds handy customizable quick links to the admin panel. Enable prompt and simple navigation through frequently used backend pages.

Magento 2 Admin Bookmarks features

Why do you need this extension?

Managing an e-commerce store isn’t easy, and each tool that saves your time and makes using backend more convenient is always very welcome. Instead of browsing through Magento backend and opening the same pages, applying the same filters again and again use admin bookmarks to access necessary pages fast and easy.

Main features

Pin any admin page to the top bar in the backend

Save any admin URL tp the admin top bar. Easily delete pins when they’re not needed any more.

Admin Bookmarks for Magento 2

Manage your admin bookmarks for better workflow
  • rename your bookmarks to clearly indicate the page you have saved
  • share your bookmarks to all the users or make sure each admin user has its own set of bookmarks, available for no one but him/her
  • bookmark pages for different store views and applied filters
    Admin bookmarks filters
Save your precious time and effort with Magento 2 Admin Bookmarks: