Magento 2 Advanced Permissions

Please meet the new Magento extension from Amasty – Advanced Permissions.

Easily manage multi-vendor stores by assigning custom role permissions to specific managers. Let them see and edit only particular products, categories, store views and websites.

Magento 2 Advanced Permissions features

This extension is a powerful tool for making a middle-sized or a large Magento store management easier. With Magento 2 Advanced Permissions extension, you can create numerous admin roles with restricted access only to certain admin areas. Make sure your store managers will have permissions only for areas they’re responsible for.

  • Limit or grant access to various:
    • products
    • categories
    • store views or websites
    • CMS elements (pages, blocks, widgets)
    • dashboard stats
    • reports
  • Limit access to both backend tabs and actions
  • Protect your orders and other important data from unwanted exposure or unauthorized editing or deleting
Manage and protect you Magento 2 store with Advanced Permissions: