We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Call for Price.

Change the plain price for flexible custom options. Display the ‘Call for Price’ button to customer groups of interest and select particular categories for the implementation. Connect with thousands of potential clients asking them to give you their contact information.


Out-of-the-box Magento functionality doesn’t allow you to hide prices and show any other options instead, which can be a struggle for flexible price management. This is especially noticeable when the price changes frequently: the products alter in cost, the items are out of stock, or in other cases when you can’t or don’t want to publish the final price. With the use of the extension, you can crack the problem and put the option into the context of your store design.



  • Replace ‘Add to Cart’ with ‘Call for Price’, ‘Request for Sign Up’ or any other call for action button;
  • Get with your clients by gathering additional information about them. Include relevant fields into handy pop-up windows, like customer name, email, phone number, and comments;
  • Define categories where to place the ‘Call for Price’ button;
  • Hide price for certain customer groups for arranging the price policy;
  • Motivate your visitors to sign up or perform any other actions by adding redirection to the landing pages, contacts, or links of your choice;
  • Enable banners instead of the fixed price to use the option as an extra advertising tool;
  • Analyze ‘Call for price’ requests by setting automatic admin notifications that are dispatched once there is a new one;
  • Use a separate grid to check and arrange all the price requests to your store.

Replace the price info with various flexible options: