Magento 2 Custom Stock Status - new Amasty extension

Please meet the new Magento 2 extension from Amasty – Custom Stock Status.

Use custom stock statuses to provide precise information about stock availability of particular products. Easily attract customers’ attention with catchy statuses to make them buy more.

Magento 2 Custom Stock Status features

Create and manage custom stock statuses for Magento 2

  • Create and display unlimited number of custom stock statuses to tell your customer anything you want about your current stock info.
  • Display custom stock statuses on:
    • product pages, including simple options of configurables, including out of stock options
    • on categories and search pages
    • on shopping cart page

  • Use variables, such as:
    • date
    • quantity
  •  Mass edit custom stock statuses using ‘Update Attributes’ option
  • Quantity based custom stock statuses:

Use rules to display statuses depending on how many items are left in stock. For example, you can use ‘Running soon’ status for 100 items left for popular products and the same for less than 20 items of products that can’t boast of high demand. Create a sense of urgency to influence shopping decisions!

  • Replace statuses of configurable products with the statuses of the selected simple options
  • Upload icons to display with your custom stock statuses

Additional features

⇒ Use HTML tags for your custom stock statuses

⇒ Add ‘on hover’ text for you statuses for some detailed explanation

⇒ Let customers subscribe for stock alerts and receive notifications

⇒ Make use of backorders support