Magento 2 - Extended Product Grid with Editor

Please meet the new Amasty extension for Magento 2 – Extended Product Grid with Editor.

Enrich standard product grid functionality with a bunch of new handy options. Add any specific column you need and easily modify product information right on the grid. Create grid templates with custom column sets to make product data processing as quick as possible.

As many other Amasty tools, this Magento 2 extension was designed to simplify and optimize your work. This module extends Magento 2 product grid functionality by showing you the information you want and letting you edit the products right from the grid.


Main features at your service:

  • make use of grid view templates
  • hide default columns if you don’t need them right now
  • enjoy the new columns showing when the product was created and modified the last time
  • see related products, cross-sells and upsells on the product grid
  • enable categories column and sort products by category, plus you can easily see products that aren’t assigned to any category
  • see and edit the majority of product attributes right from the grid, one by one or in bulk. Data validation will save you from typical mistakes such as leaving the fields empty or entering the wrong type of data (say, letters instead of numbers). Plus, the extension lets you conveniently edit product quantity
  • quick frontend links are useful to see the changes on frontend fast and easy.
Save lots of time and effort with Magento 2 Extended Product Grid with Editor now!