Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect - new Amasty extension
Please meet the new Amasty extension – GeoIP Redirect.

Automatically change store view, currency and language depending on visitor’s location. Expand your business across other countries without creating a separate store.


Why do you need this extension?

Although the English language and US dollars are considered to be widely known around the globe, selling in more than one country means you should help your shoppers. Seeing the store page in familiar language eliminates troubles if the customer doesn’t know the English language or the used language quite well. Also, if he or she sees the familiar currency, it’s no need to look for exchange rates and be confused.

Magento 2 GeoIP extension switches your store to the familiar language and currency and this way increases conversions of your Magento store.

Magento store view redirect based on GeoIP detected location

Main features of M2 GeoIP Redirect

Redirect users to the chosen store view

Upload the GeoIP database to your newly installed extension. After that the module will be able to detect users’ location and redirect them to the store view you have set up.

Upload GeoIP data to detect users' location

Tune your GeoIP settings
Show relevant currency

Unusual currency can be a confusing factor for many shoppers. To show the prices clearly without making your buyers wonder how much they actually will pay, show them the prices they’ll understand right away.

Redirect only from homepage

If you need to show the rest of the pages just as they are, in their original variant, you can use the option of redirecting only from homepage of your Magento store.

Redirect to a given page

You can choose to redirect users from any locations to a specific URL. This option may be useful for informing your customers about certain shipping options and rules, current deals or important information.

Exclude pages from GeoIP redirect list

If you want some pages of your Magento store to be shown in the original version for all visitors, there’s a special option for this. Just add the list of pages which will never be redirected.

Advanced options for GeoIP Redirect setup

⇒ The extension has the settings to ignore user agents and search engines. The pages won’t be redirected for these ‘visitors’

⇒ You can choose whether to redirect the users each and every time they visit the store, or only for the first time

Add redirect exceptions for chosen IPs. The users visiting from these IPs won’t be redirected

Increase your conversions with
Magento 2 GeoIP Redirect from Amasty: