Amasty is working hard to deliver more quality Magento 2 extensions in 2017! And today we’re introducing one of the most required modules for any e-commerce store – Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Let your customers search products in the catalog in the most comfortable way! With the full suite of easy-to-use tools, you will help visitors to find their desired items much faster than before.

  a new Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2 features

Comfortable, user-friendly and handy navigation is a major key to customers’ satisfaction. The native Magento layered navigation is not always top-notch when it comes to efficient product search. But a web store won’t run at full blast without a thought-out navigation, therefore, we created this extension for Magento 2. 

The module provides you with a highly flexible vertical and horizontal navigation menu. Your customers can filter items by any product attribute like category, price range, color, brand and such by using convenient price sliders and ‘from-to widgets’. Also, it’s possible to add custom brand pages with logos and detailed information. And, moreover, you can easily optimize your layered navigation functionality for search engines. Create short custom URLs for categories, products and brand pages and specify custom meta tags as well.



With handy navigation options customers can:
  • Enjoy seamless AJAX filtering without page reloads;
  • Use vertical and horizontal navigation blocks with different category filter types;
  • Place all available filters on one page;
  • Apply several filters simultaneously.
Adjust any filter on each category page:
  • Use a wide variety of filter display modes;
  • Show and hide dependent filters;
  • Apply several filters simultaneously;
  • Regulate the number of unfolded options in filters;
  • Add a search box with tooltips in product filters;
  • Display image swatches in both the sidebar navigation and below the product image on the search page;
  • Implement vertical scrolling for long options lists and make them more compact;
  • Unite filter options into groups to save space in navigation blocks.
‘Shop by Brand’ functionality allows you to:
  • Create custom brand pages;
  • Place all brands in alphabetic order on one page;
  • Allow customers to get to the brand page through the logo item on the product page.
Add New ‘Shop by’ options to makes your visitors find definite products within a minute:
  • Add a pack of advanced filters, such as ‘On Sale’, ‘New’, ‘Rating’, ‘Stock’;
  • Assign sliders, ranges and ‘from-to’ widgets to allow filtering by any numeric attributes.
Use the advanced category tree:
  • Select the category list display mode which suits your design and your category structure best;
  • Let customers select multiple categories;
  • Hide long subcategory lists to save space inside the category filter block;
  • Add ‘More’ and ‘Less’ buttons to the category list to make it more user-friendly.
Boost SEO optimization of your shop:
  • Create short unique URLs for each brand page;
  • Specify clear URLs and custom metadata for pages with filter results;
  • Customize URL keys for filter results pages.

Mobile friendly interface


Effectively avoid duplicate content


Flexible back end settings


Add Layered Navigation to Home or any CMS Page

Make catalog browsing easy and efficient with the Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2:

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