Magento 2 Mass Product Actions - new Amasty extension

Meet the new Magento extension – Mass Product Actions.

Change prices in bulk using different parameters; work with attribute sets and categories; relate products and define Magento 2 cross-sell and up-sell parameters in a blink of an eye.


Tired of editing your products and spending hours opening, changing and saving them one by one? Your time is precious, and to help you use it effectively, we created a tool for convenient mass actions on your product grid.

Magento 2 Mass Product Actions lets you:
  • modificate prices, price types, special prices and price roundings in a few clicks
  • easily mass edit product information:
    • configure product relations such as cross-sells, upsells and related products
    • copy custom options, attribute values, images and other product settings
    • assign, replace or remove categories right from the grid
  • enable only those mass actions you’ll need on your grid, choose product linking algorithms and use even more settings for convenient operations.


Save hours of time and tons of effort with Mass Product Actions: