Hello to Amasty readers! Here’s the third extension for Magento 2 we created. Please meet Multiple Coupons!

Increase customer loyalty by enabling registered clients and guest visitors use numerous discount coupons for one order.

Magento 2 Multiple Coupons features

Why do you need this extension?

Out of the box Magento doesn’t allow your customers so apply more than one coupon. But this functionality is needed to help your sales and customer loyalty:

1. Say, the customer has his birthday coupon and received another coupon from a holiday deal. He wants to apply both of them.

2. Using two and more coupons makes an impression of a very attractive purchase, which rises the chances of a decision to buy.

3. Not to miss any other coupons in the future, many customers would subscribe to your email and social media.

Main features of Magento 2 Multiple Coupons

  • Allow registered customers and guests to apply more than one coupon

Allow guests to make purchases using multiple coupons without registering, if they’re more comfortable to do so.

Multiple coupons on shopping cartMultiple coupons on payment page

  • Let customers see the applied coupons or remove them.

If the customer decides to save a coupon, he or she can delete it before the last purchase step and use it aftewards.

  • Create exclusive coupons

If you want some coupons to be exclusively used (without any other coupons simultaneously), you can create them with Multiple Coupons extension.

exclusive coupons

  • Multiple coupons functionality for backend orders

You can apply or remove coupons when creating orders from the backend just as if you did this on frontend.

Multiple coupons backendDo you have questions regarding the extension? Please share them in comments!