Magento 2 Order Attributes

Please meet the new Magento 2 extension – Order Attributes from Amasty.

Add an unlimited number of extra fields to your checkout page to easily collect and process additional order related data. Display all created order attributes on a handy backend grid to keep necessary information at hand.

Magento 2 Order Attributes features

Want to know more about your customers? Would like to ask them for more details about their order? Now it’s very easy to do – Magento 2 Order Attributes lets you add more necessary fields on the checkout and collect all the info you need to know about the buyers and their purchases.


Main Magento 2 Order Attributes features
  • Create additional order attributes and fill them in by displaying fields on checkout
  • Manage order attributes display
  • Implement the new attributes across the store
  • Use various field types to collect various information for the new attributes
Start collecting and processing valuable order data now: