We are happy to introduce you the new Magento 2 extension from Amasty – Order Notes.

Optimize your order management by creating order notes and marking them with colored flags, badges and other labels. Now you can visualize the order processing and easily arrange numerous items of your order grid.

magento 2 order notes new extension features
Managing the orders takes a lot of nerve. Instead of using various external platforms to arrange your orders, enhance your Magento with the extension that allows organizing a vast amount of orders and comments. Use flags and priorities to visualize your work and have a better understanding of the current order processing.



  • Work with notes to process orders more efficiently
  • Set priority for each order
  • Apply flags and badges to arrange orders visually
  • Automatically add labels to the orders depending on their status
  • Arrange all items in bulk

Visualize your work with orders applying flags and priorities:

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