Magento 2 Product Labels - new Amasty extension

Meet the new Magento 2 extension from Amasty – Product Labels.

Mark ‘on sale’, ‘new’ and other products with eye catching labels to immediately draw customers’ attention to particular items. Use predefined variables for label texts and easily upload your own label images.

Magento 2 Product Labels features

Why do I need this extension?

There’s almost no way to inform shoppers about additional product information/status on the category page. Product labels can be used for marking out:

  • products with discounts and special offers
  • new arrivals
  • products that will be discountinued
  • products with best price-quality ratio (best choice)
  • best prices
  • top sellers
  • top rated products
  • products with special qualities (for example, ‘vegan’ label for some of the cookies)
  • and many other options.

With Magento 2 Product Labels you can:

  1. bring attention to the products you need to sell faster
  2. inform shoppers about product qualities or special offers
  3. display additional information on the product page

Product Labels for Magento 2

Magento 2 Product Labels main features

Add product labels and customize their looks

Specify the position of ribbons, badges and labels. Upload your own labels or use the default ones which come with the extension. Specify different settings for product and category pages to adjust the looks to the design. Upload images with text or place text over labels using the extension settings.

Show product labels exactly when and where you want

Use conditions and show labels on particular products, taking into account:

  • new items
  • sale products
  • price range
  • more than 20 product attributes, such as SKU, attribute set, category, etc
  • stock status

Product Labels for Magento 2 seen on the product page

Advanced options

Use customer groups

Restrict labels for certain customer groups to control your promotions and deals

Use variables for labels text

Use variables to display relevant and vivid information on the labels: {ATTR:code} – attribute value {SAVE_PERCENT} – save percents {SAVE_AMOUNT} – save amount {PRICE} – price {SPECIAL_PRICE} special price {SKU} – product SKU {NEW_FOR} – how may days ago the product was added {BR} – new line

Use several labels

You can show the label with the highest priority or show several labels if you need to.

Display badges of simple products on the pages of their parent items

This option allows marking any specific simple product with a badge or a ribbon that it will be also displayed on the page of the configurable product to which the simple item is assigned.

Use label priorities

Set priorities to manage label display and to choose the most important labels if the product falls under several rules.

Use rounding algorithms

Magento 2 Product Labels module automatically calculates and shows percent discounts or flat amounts based on the difference between special and regular price – you just need to select the appropriate variable. You can also use one of 3 rounding algorithms to easily round discount amounts according to your specific needs.

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