Please welcome the new Amasty extension for Magento 2 – SMTP Email Settings.

Send reliable emails from a popular local hosting or a custom Magento 2 SMTP server. Take full control over Magento 2 SMTP settings and run tests before sending out the mail. Make sure that customers and partners receive all emails you send.


If you’re serious about your business, you’ll certainly want to use SMTP protocol as a more reliable way of sending your emails. Using an SMTP server for your Magento installation means your emails have fewer chances to be marked as spam. As Magento 2 doesn’t work with SMTP out of the box, we created a tool which lets you use a popular SMTP server or even your own one.



  • Configure your custom SMTP server or use one of the following providers: AOL Mail, Comcast, GMX, Gmail, Hotmail,, O2 Mail, Office365, Orange, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho;
  • Use the intuitive module interface to set up the mailing parameters you need: port and host, authentication and connection parameters; e.g.: tune Magento SMTP to use Gmail;
  • Apply the debug mode to test all SMTP email settings. It emulates the work of Magento 2 email SMTP server and stores a detailed log;
  • Avail of a detailed log of all sent messages right in your admin panel: all the emails which have been sent, contents of the messages, the date and time when the email was sent, the recipient email, the status of the email. Besides, you can clear the log manually or automatically.


  • Disable any outgoing email for test or development purposes;
  • Use auto cleaning of email logs and debug logs;
  • Autofill SMTP settings for popular providers.

Use, configure and control emails with SMTP Settings: