We are happy to present you our new Magento 2 extension – Unique Product URL.

Avoid duplicate content and long URL depth level to product pages with this new extension. Make your pages friendly for search engines! Automatically redirect secondary URLs to the main one and generate breadcrumbs based on URL or category.


URL structure means a lot among optimization techniques applied by SEO specialists to improve a website ranking. This structure needs to be thought out correctly. With this extension, you’ll manage to eliminate common issues while keeping product URLs unique and clear for customers and search engines.



  • Create a unique path to each product by including category/ subcategory names in product URLs;
  • Define the length of the category path included in URLs: try the shortest, the longest variant or return to the Magento 2 default settings;
  • Control the length of each category path either through the URL depth level or the total sum of characters in the path;
  • Include either the last visited category or the full URL to the product into the breadcrumb section;
  • Set up 301 redirect from the existing secondary URLs to the main canonical one;
  • Exclude a custom set of categories from product URLs.

Create SEO-friendly URLs for product pages: