We are happy to introduce you our new Magento 2 extension – XML Google® Sitemap.

Automatically generate XML Sitemaps in an efficient way. Let your web store communicate with the search engines quickly and properly.

  xml google sitemap features 

 A sitemap is a guidebook to your store for search engines. But with default Magento 2 settings it’s hard to customize it without additional advanced options. The module helps you to meet all Google requirements, build your XML sitemap automatically and shorten the time for indexing in search.



  • Index your content much faster
  • Include or exclude links from Category, Product, CMS pages or Extra links;
  • Specify frequency of updates for each type of pages
  • Set importance priority for group of links
  • Add images with titles and templates
  • Use a handy grid with all sitemaps in one place

Help Google index your content correct and quickly: