Magento Store Locator – new Amasty extension

Magento Store Locator - new Amasty extension

This is the first new extension released in 2015 by Amasty team. Meet Store Locator – a tool to help customers easily find the nearest offline store to purchase your products. Use Google map to display store locations with exact address to make the shopping process as easy as it can be. Click Read More to know the details!Magento Store Locator - new Magento extension

Main Features

1. Add unlimited number of store locations and display them on a separate page using Google Maps

Magento Store Locator general view

2. Sort shops by distance

The extension uses browser to get user’s location. Your clients can sort stores by location and see which ones are the closest to their current location.

Magento Store Locator sort by distance

3. Let customers search for stores

Magento Store Locator search

4. Customizable stores location page

– turn responsive template on/off

– enter page title

– enter Google mark template

– pick a user friendly URL

Magento Store Locator settings

5. Show store information right on the map

The extension allows adding as many store locations as you like, including store info, address, photos and more:

Magento Store Locator - add location

6. Preview store locations on the map

Preview and edit exact store coordinates in the backend. As soon as you specify all address fields for a new location, Magento Store Locator will automatically define the exact coordinates and show the place on the map. You can also edit coordinates manually:

Magento Store Locator preview location

7. Advanced geolocation settings

If you don’t want to use browser detect location option you can upload CSV files with necessary GEO IP data. With Magento Google Maps tool you can use both options simultaneously. To enable the Geo IP option please upload these 2 files to your backend:

Magento Store Locator Geo IP support

Why on earth do I need this extension?

Magento Store Locator is a perfect tool if you have offline or pickup stores. Customers can look for a convenient location to visit. What is more, the map allows to get the idea where the store is if a client is ready to drop in.

How can I connect to Google Maps API? Is it free?

To get the detailed information on using Google Maps for your website, follow this link.

Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia is a devoted marketer with special love to blogging. She believes that content with several pinches of SEO and social can be a brilliant daily special. When she’s not working on Amasty updates and blog posts, Ksenia runs a blog on movies and books and helps animal shelters.

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2 Responses

  1. prakash says:

    hi sir, i have one question this map can be show user location when he is enter the map and second things when he enter any search term like as rasturent name then should be show multiple rasturent with green and red color at a time .
    after that when the user click on chef then it should show multiple items there.

    • Ksenia Dobreva Ksenia Dobreva says:


      thanks for your question and your interest in our extension.
      Yes, the module can detect user’s location from the browser or by IP – you can set this up in the backend.
      The second option is not available in our extension, I am afraid.
      Hope that helps!

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