Meet Magento Spain 2014: March. Madrid. Marvellous.

Meet Magento Spain

Meet Magento conferences have already become a must-see event for any active member of Magento community. This spring you will have the chance to see all-stars of Magento ecosystem at Meet Magento Spain 2014. What is waiting for you there? Read on to discover.

This is the first Meet Magento conference for Spain and, hosts of the event, tried hard to provide its participants with the best experience possible. The event will take place 3-4 March, 2014 in the Hotel Convención, Madrid. Having even a quick look at the list of speakers is enough to make sure that Meet Magento Spain 2014 is going to be of great interest for both experienced members of Magento community and the newcomers.

We have studied the agendas of Magento conference participants carefully and featured a few speakers, which might be of great interest for you.

Magento Spain featured speakers

You can find more information about Meet Magento Spain 2014 here.

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