New Magento extension – Product Attachments

New Magento extension - Product Attachments

Want to provide customers with additional instructions or vivid usage examples? Need to attach guarantees, agreements, product presentations, or even certificates to your Magento products? Now you can easily enrich your store content with the new Magento Product Attachments module.

Provide customers with comprehensive information about products, such as user guides, warranties and so on, using attachment functionality. Let Product Pages sell more!

Magento Product Attachments

Main features:

1. Upload product attachments and display them on your Magento store

Use drag-and-drop for fast upload and configure settings for product files display.

Magento product attachments with icons
2. Display custom icons for attachments or use default ones

Choose default icons or add new ones to show the file type to the customer.

Icons for Magento Product attachments
3. See and analyze product attachments report

See which product files people actually download and how often; this helps you to adjust your strategy and upload file attachments people really need.

Product Attachments report
 4. Make use of numerous settings for files upload and display
  • Upload unlimited number of files of various types, including PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XSLX, flash, ini, JPG, MP3, ZIP, AVI, and more
  • Upload Magento product attachment files from the product grid to save time
Add product attachments right from the product grid
  • Hide or open files for customers’ visibility when needed and sort files you added to Magento products
Visibility of Magento product attachments
  • Improve customer experience with the Autodetect File option

This feature enables customers to open attached files right in the browser window instead of downloading them. Apart from that each file will be automatically opened in a new tab.

  •  Mass copy or remove attachment files from the product grid – no need to add  or delete the same files from all of your products manually
Copy or remove product attachments
  • Work with attachments using Magento API
  • Complete multi store support of the extension

Go to Magento Product AttachmentsGo to Product Attachments user guideGo to Product Attachments demo


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