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Case study - how horsecheck.nl uses Magento to its most 2

Case study: how horsecheck.nl uses Magento to its most

Hi Amasty blog readers! To be honest, we were so busy working on new extensions, updating the old ones and helping our customers, that we almost forgot to show our work on location. I mean, on real shops! That’s why today we embrace it’s never too late thing and share an excellent Magento case study. Meet horsecheck.nl with more than 40,000 items available and the guy behind – Maarten. We asked several questions on his experience with Magento, and Maarten was very kind to answer...

Popular Magento themes performance speed test results 0

Popular Magento themes performance: speed test results

Amasty team loves testing things out, as in particular cases direct tests are the only way to find out what works best. Today we are going to share some results on Magento store performance with several popular themes and speak on how they influence your site’s speed. The idea of the tests and this article came to me when I studied the data from xdebug profiler trying to find the reason of a client’s website low performance. I stumbled upon a fact that was worth...

Tutorial: How to debug network problems 0

Tutorial: How to debug network problems

Sometimes Magento website uses connections to external resources, which are initiated from the server side. This might be caused by using fopen, curl, sockets, xmlrpc, etc. In any case unavailability or partial availability of external resources might lead to unexpected website behavior. For example if the licensing server is overloaded or unavailable, license check in extension might end up with an error. In the best case this would lead to execution delay, in the worst case (if the network errors are not handled correctly by...

The complete guide to eCommerce gamification 0

The complete guide to eCommerce gamification

A few years ago it was hard to find an eCommerce analyst, who wouldn’t be claiming that Gamification is the next big marketing thing. Since then Gamification has turned from a pimple-faced teenager into a handsome and mature player in the fight for the brand’s preference. Both big and small companies keep on gamifying the shopping experience they provide. So why should your Magento store opt out of it? Check the complete guide to eCommerce gamification and learn how to make shopping fun.

UX case study: eBay website tricks for great profit 0

UX case study: eBay website tricks for great profit

Usability of a Magento store is the shadow director of Magento store profitability. You might not strike one’s eyes, but it is the thing that directly influences buying decision and average time on the website.  But what brings positive user experience? We have conducted eBay UX analysis and made the list of the tips that will help your store to be more user-friendly with almost no effort.

Amasty research: Full Page Cache vs Varnish Cache 30

Amasty research: Full Page Cache vs Varnish Cache

After the release of Full Page Cache Magento extension many clients started asking us what makes our extension better than Varnish Cache and whether it is better at all. At first we didn’t consider conducting such research, but the amount of our clients interested in this issue encouraged us to knock these two together to learn which of them provides the best page load time. Get inside the review to know who has become the winner!

Pricing for profit: How to optimize your pricing strategy 0

Pricing for profit: How to optimize your pricing strategy

The ecommerce industry has been growing rapidly for the past few years. As it becomes a $1.5 trillion business worldwide, pricing strategy is quickly becoming a crucial aspect of online retail strategy. The use of price intelligence and dynamic pricing solutions is on the rise, as retail giants like Amazon reap the benefits. Many retailers struggle to keep their heads above water, with others like Best Buy and Wal-Mart utilizing state of the art pricing technology. Learn how to price for profit inside.

6 things to A/B test on your Magento Product Page 2

6 Things to A/B Test on Your Magento Product Page

We are pretty sure you’ve already read a dozen of catchy articles on how to run A/B tests for your website. Indeed, since this method has already proved to be an effective conversion booster, why not try to “squeeze more” from your pages? To prevent you from spending hours trying to figure out which elements to start with, we’ve created a list of essential A/B tests every online merchant should run right now.