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Case study - how horsecheck.nl uses Magento to its most 2

Case study: how horsecheck.nl uses Magento to its most

Hi Amasty blog readers! To be honest, we were so busy working on new extensions, updating the old ones and helping our customers, that we almost forgot to show our work on location. I mean, on real shops! That’s why today we embrace it’s never too late thing and share an excellent Magento case study. Meet horsecheck.nl with more than 40,000 items available and the guy behind – Maarten. We asked several questions on his experience with Magento, and Maarten was very kind to answer...

Developers horrors - Happy Halloween 0

Developers’ horrors: happy Halloween!

Congrats to all Amasty customers, blog readers and friends! We do hope you’ll spend this wonderful day in cheer. We know there are many Magento developers around, so today we’re sharing the top developers’ horrors guide. Want to know how to spook a developer? Click Read More right now! Boo!

How to increase conversion rate in your Magento store 0

How to increase conversion rate of your Magento store

Conversion rate is the thing that turns a random visitor into a buyer. Increase of the conversion rate is your main and only aim. But when you start your Crusade for customers’ love and affection, you don’t have to walk this road all by yourself. Check our little helpers that would assist your Magento store in reaching world-beating conversion rate.

Reviews: the good, the bad, the profitable 4

Magento reviews: the good, the bad, the profitable

According to Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations above all other forms of advertising. Many marketers see positive reviews as a magic wand able to add some shining and glamour to even a poor-quality product. On the other hand negative reviews are perceived as ugly enemies trying to dent the image of the Magento store. But what is the real marketing effect from reviews? Check surprising facts and some tips on handling reviews in our article.

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Guide on Magento customer segmentation for grown-ups

How many times have you stumbled upon a man in the street, who was desperately trying to sell you something, be it a book or a pack of cookies? What were your emotions from such encounter? Did you buy anything? I’m pretty sure the answer is no. The disease of trying to sell everything to everyone is typical not only of street sellers, but also of many Magento stores. And there’s only one cure from it – Magento customer segmentation.

Get Amasty new e-book about customer service for FREE! [E-BOOK] 0

Get Amasty new e-book about customer service for FREE! [E-BOOK]

Feel that you customer service is lagging behind and you are not using your marketing capabilities to the fullest? Take Amasty NEW e-book for FREE and enjoy handy tips and profound statistics research. Amasty Infographics about the traps of customer service was such a great success, that we decided to issue an extended e-book with even more tips, data and authoritative sources. See main marketing myths that prevent companies from profound growth debunked and take the advantage of the pieces of advice given by professionals....

How to build brand awareness with the help of Magento Extensions? 0

How to build brand awareness with the help of Magento Extensions?

Online stores are popping up all over the place, so competition is getting increasingly harder. Building brand awareness and ensuring customers remember who you are is a hard challenge.  That’s why we have asked our Partner Lewis Sellers, Managing Director of Pinpoint Designs Ltd, to list a few simple tips that will help you to keep your Magento store at the front of your customers minds.

Mythbusters: 5 Myths about Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC] 0

Mythbusters: 5 Myths about Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

No man is wise at all times. And sometimes the magic power of widely used tactics appears to be just a mass delusion and even the knowledge of the latest E-commerce trends wouldn’t help. The team of Amasty Mythbusters decided to deal with it once and for all and conducted a small investigation, which lists the most common pitfalls of Magento customer service …and don’t worry, today we’re not gonna blow anything up.

Cart Abandonment: Is It the End or Just the Beginning? 0

Cart Abandonment: Is It the End or Just the Beginning?

We bet it’s hardly possible to find an online merchant who has never faced the problem of cart abandonment. According to the latest statistics by Sale Cycle more than 73% of customers leave their carts without completing the purchase. But does this tendency really pose a threat to your business? In our article we’ll share some complex marketing solutions that will definitely help to win back abandoned shopping carts and significantly increase your revenue. Why do customers leave their shopping carts? First of all let’s...