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January updates 0

Amasty extensions updates – January 2017

We are happy to announce our January updates, that, we hope, you are waiting for. Good news for those, who love Special Promotions, Special Promotions Pro and Loyalty Program extensions: now you can create bright and catchy promo banners for your promotions like in our Auto Add Promo Items plugin. The winner in the number of improvements this month is Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2, don’t miss to check it first.

How to speed up Magento search using Amasty extensions 0

How to speed up Magento search using Amasty extensions

Hello to Amasty blog readers! We have been posting quite a number of articles on Magento 1 and 2 speed and performance. Today we’re showing some info on speeding up Magento search – an important part of overall site speed improvement, which is often neglected by merchants. In this test, we wanted to highlight how two Amasty extensions combined show significant difference when it comes to search speed.

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Product.OptionsPrice error on Magento and how to fix it

Hello to Amasty clients and the Magento community! This is an important note I wanted to share with you both for explaining issues you might have been facing, and to prevent this issue in the future. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of similar support requests about this error, which influences both the Magento functionality and the Amasty extensions correct performance.

New Amasty extensions for Magento 2 0

New Magento 2 extensions: Order Status, Meta Tags Templates, and more

Here we go again with a pile of fresh extensions. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome — another 4 new modules for Magento 2 now at your service. On these cold autumn days, we bet you’ve been dreaming of new hot effective modules for Order Management, haven’t you? And, you know what, we got it! Also, new efficient tools for SEO and promotions to warm you and your customers up. For more Magento 2 extensions, click this link to visit Amasty store. Magento 2 Order Status...

How Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules Help to Create Promotions 15

How Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules Help to Create Promotions

It’s not a secret that effective online store management is an essential part of any e-commerce business. That’s why we’ve decided to start a new series of posts with practical tips which will help you correctly use special promotions and create shopping cart price rules. So, let’s get the ball rolling! For each promotional rule you can set special conditions and actions, therefore the rule will be applied only when these parameters are met. The Conditions tab is responsible for the whole rule application (for...

Little-known Amasty extensions features: shipping type in Shipping Table Rates 0

Little-known Amasty extensions features: Shipping Type in Shipping Table Rates

You asked – we deliver! We are extremely happy that our readers provide feedback, and it helps to create better and more useful content for you. Today we’re opening a new series of articles on little-known features of Amasty modules. We will mention features that are sometimes a bit more complicated or you have to understand how it works before you get a useful tweak for your Magento store.