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10 Free and Premium Magento Templates for the popular types of online business

In modern world, being online is a must have for pretty any business. For those companies who run stores, it is a great way of attracting customers, growing their retail chain and increasing revenue. Online store provides various benefits for any business. There are many types of businesses that can make money online. It can be various service providers. Those businesses should present clear information about their team members and describe their service offers in detail.

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10 Best Free Magento Themes for 2016

Magento has long become one of the most preferred platforms for building products-heavy web stores. More than 200,000 online retailers enjoy its features. The collections of ready-made Magento themes and extensions are vast, so sometimes it takes hours to days to pick the best one for your web project.

The 10 best Amasty articles of the year 0

The 10 best Amasty articles of the year

We have some weekend reading! Here’s the collection of Amasty blog posts that our readers liked the most this year. 1. How to fix common Magento issues We collected some of the most frequent questions and answered them; we do hope that this small knowledge base will help people that have just started working with Magento. 2. How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento Want to switch your Magento 1 store to HTTPS (SSL)? Read these instructions from our system administrator and SEO specialist to...

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25 best retail blog ideas

Content is king thing sounds from everywhere. SEOs, marketers, PR and e-commerce specialists say: you need to produce quality content, as it influences everything, from search engine optimization to brand awareness, from social visibility to customer loyalty. Couldn’t agree more. But let’s face it: creating good content is not easy. It requires time and resources, and while I was researching for this post I’ve clearly seen that: even big brands and well-known retail stores not always take advantage of blogging, and even lower percentage of...

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Top 30 Magento experts to keep an eye on

Here’s a list of nearly 30 Magento experts Amasty team collected for you. These are people that are well-known within the Magento community, they post pretty often and share valuable content. In other words, reading these awesome experts will ensure you get the most important information on Magento and e-commerce world. It’s not that others don’t deserve your attention, but here’s a step to start with.

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8 Backup Mistakes One Still Makes

Protecting a website from important data loss has always been a vital problem for online community. Although there are hundreds of services offering to solve any backup up issues once and for all, you’ll hardly use them effectively without any essential backup knowledge. Apart from that, even knowing how important it is to timely backup your priceless data and how grave the consequences of careless behavior can be, the overwhelming majority of users still prefer to hope for the best  and don’t “waste” their time...

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Top 8 eCommerce books to read this summer

Summertime is perfect not only for sunbathing and surfing but also for plunging into the world of brilliant business ideas hidden in the spectacular and useful book-guides on our shortlist. Either a newbie in eCommerce or an enthusiast to come up with the Next Big Thing, it’s a must for you to add these trendiest books to your professional literature shelf.

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UX case study: eBay website tricks for great profit

Usability of a Magento store is the shadow director of Magento store profitability. You might not strike one’s eyes, but it is the thing that directly influences buying decision and average time on the website.  But what brings positive user experience? We have conducted eBay UX analysis and made the list of the tips that will help your store to be more user-friendly with almost no effort.

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Perfect product page and shopping cart tips [VIDEO+CHECKLIST]

About a month ago Amasty together with Promodo held a webinar regarding Maximizing Magento marketing ROI. The main discussions were about sales channels, landing pages strategy, product pages, checkout and other best practices for Magento store. Mainly we concentrated on traffic attraction, conversion rate increase and sales growth by optimizing cart & checkout areas. The webinar was such a great success that we decided to share with you the main takeaways from it. Please get inside to find the video and to-do checklists.