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Best online marketing books to read today [2016]

2016 has plenty of great books – science fiction, biography, non-fiction and, of course, there are some jewels in the crown in business literature. Amasty team has chosen the most appealing and catchy editions, published this year. Read the books you are curious about and soak up the knowledge! We’ll be very pleased if the listed literature pieces  come in useful for your work and inspire you to new marketing heights.

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Google to reshape the web search with mobile index

From Desktop to Mobile Obviously, mobile-oriented web is going to expand. As the vast majority of Internet users have smartphones, new technologies are being shaped more and more to the possibilities of mobile platforms. Perhaps, unless there are new smart glasses or watches or other super gadgets on the agenda (and, actually, even then), the upcoming decade will be the mobile-centric decade. It is also announced that the search engine mega machine is going to make the mobile index primary over the desktop one. Thus,...

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Best 2016 e-commerce books worth checking out

Imagine, you are monitoring lists of best books on e-commerce 2016 but you are still led to the old chap Dale Carnegie and his 1930s imperishable “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. Warmly shake hands with your customers and remember all the birthdays of their grandmas and aunts. Keep it up and you will be indecently rich and successful! Thus spoke great and mighty Dale. Fine, but haven’t actually our relations gone dramatically elsewhere today, constituted by the digital environment with the bunch of...

A guide to cross-selling and upselling techniques 5

A guide to cross-selling & upselling techniques

The truth is: a decided customer is a rare phenomenon in the e-commerce world. In most cases, people are sure only about their needs, and slightly know about the way they can be satisfied. There is a fine line between making proper suggestions and trying to sell more at a rate when a customer doesn’t see it as an aggressive tactic.

An Extensive Guide on Magento Duplicate Content 75

An Extensive Guide on Magento Duplicate Content

Nothing is created equal, they say. They are wrong. And if you own an online shop, you are the one who knows that perfectly well as many pages on your site are literary equal, aren’t they? Our extensive guide will help you to solve the problem of Magento duplicate content and never allow it again.

How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento + bonus 30

How to configure HTTPS (SSL) for Magento + bonus

Google treats users security quite seriously so it wasn’t surprisingly that in August 2014 Google announced HTTPs as a ranking factor. But still buzz was heard from here and there in the SEO community. Some people immediately switched to HTTPs, some preferred to take time and think over such a serious step. Anyway, there were people who claimed that HTTPs made their sites rank higher; those who saw drops in rankings after switch to HTTPs; and finally those who didn’t notice any changes with HTTPs.

Master Magento A/B testing: how to split test product pages in Magento 6

Master Magento A/B testing: how to split test product pages

A/B testing, or split testing is a fundamental method to achieve business goals through improving conversion and other online marketing KPIs and parameters. For e-commerce, the main page you would want to test is the product page. How to perform an A/B test on a Magento product page? Read on and follow a step-by-step guide. Things you should know before starting your Magento A/B test Note: there are many kinds of testing software available. But writing this I assume you’re using Google Analytics experiments feature....

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Twitter Product Cards and Product Pins: a hassle-free guide

Twitter and Pinterest offers great opportunities for businesses, and today we will look at two features, marketers and small business owners can put to good use. We created for you a full guide to the Rich Pins and Twitter Cards and tried to concentrate on the most useful options for e-commerce – Product Pins and Twitter Products Cards.