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Magento A/B Testing - new Amasty extension 0

Magento A/B Testing – new Amasty extension

Several weeks ago we released an article on basic A/B testing mechanism for Magento. But Amasty team didn’t stop there and created a Magento extension for convenient split testing. Meet the tool that hides enormous possibilities for your Magento store: Magento A/B testing.

Magento Product Attachments 1

New Magento extension – Product Attachments

Want to provide customers with additional instructions or vivid usage examples? Need to attach guarantees, agreements, product presentations, or even certificates to your Magento products? Now you can easily enrich your store content with the new Magento Product Attachments module.

Psychological Approach in Practice: Easy Steps to Boost Your Conversions 0

Psychological Approach in Practice: Easy Steps to Boost Your Conversions

As you already know today in a highly competitive ecommerce world you need a great number of tools to motivate customers make purchases in your shop. And having caught visitor’s attention once, you shouldn’t relax as the struggle is only about to start. Today we’ll tell you the way you can easily increase the rate of impulsive purchases in your online store and sell out less popular products in a blink of an eye with the help of What’s Up extension by Amasty. How it...

Easily Manage Your Products Visibility with Customer Group Catalog! 3

Magento Customer Group Catalog – new Amasty extension

Need a quality tool to easily optimize your catalog visibility? Don’t know how to adjust your product pages to your local legal standards? The new Customer Group Catalog extension by Amasty will quickly solve all these issues. With this module you can easily restrict the display of certain products and categories for different customer groups redirecting your clients either to the 404 error page or any CMS page. By demonstrating to customers the appropriate CMS pages with relevant content you will not only avoid any...

Protect E-store from Frauds and Make Your Team Work 2

Protect E-store from Frauds and Make Your Team Work

Internet shopping security is one of the most burning issues for millions of customers all over the world. And today you’ll easily find tons of websites offering useful tips how to effectively shop online. But why doesn’t anyone try to look at shopping process with the eyes of online merchants? What problems do they risk to face and how to prevent them? How to keep an eye on all Magento log actions performed in their store and how to manage the shop staff effectively? Amasty...