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Pinterest for e-commerce: a full list of board ideas

Pinterest is a great tool for e-commerce (we’ll prove it with numbers a little bit further), and we encourage our clients and other merchants to use it for their e-commerce businesses. Today I’ll be sharing a list of boards ideas so you can save your time and be even more effective with your marketing efforts.

30 social media marketing ideas from big brands 9

30 social media marketing ideas from big brands

Hi Amasty blog readers! Several weeks ago I was talking to a friend who runs a small e-shop. She and her assistant run social media themselves, as they can’t allow a social media manager, and, frankly speaking, they don’t need one, as their potential audience is not so wide, and the girls are doing a good job. But my friend complained that she run out of ideas. Indeed, marketers say that we should give our audience something useful, entertaining, something they’ll love or enjoy, something...